'The Bachelor' Spoilers Tease 'Suite Ultimatum' & 'Bombshell Ending' With Peter Weber's Fantasy Suite Dates

Peter Weber is excited for his fantasy suite overnight dates with his final three ladies, but The Bachelor spoilers from a new sneak peek suggest that he'll face an obstacle that may be too big to overcome. ABC released a preview that sets the stage for trouble with finalist Madison Prewett and this may cause chaos all the way through the final moments of the season.

E! Online shared the sneak peek that ties together some previously-known The Bachelor spoilers with new, eyebrow-raising tidbits. The buzz is that during the conversation Peter and Madi have before heading to Australia, which was teased at the end of the most recent episode, she'll tell him she's a virgin.

It also seems that Madi tells Peter that if he's serious about a future with her, he'll refrain from sleeping with either Victoria Fuller or Hannah Ann Sluss during his overnights with them.

ABC teases that is a "suite ultimatum" from Madi. The Bachelor spoilers from the new sneak peek confirm what has been teased in previews from earlier in the season -- Peter will sleep with at least one of the other two women.

The new clip shows Madi and Peter together at what is surely the dinner portion of their overnight date in Australia. It's clear that things get serious during this dinner and what happens next could turn the rest of the season upside down.

"I wouldn't be able to say yes to the engagement if you have slept with the other women," Madi will caution Peter.

In response, The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Peter will tell Madi that he can't lie and that he has been intimate with someone else. It appears that Madi will quickly show that she was entirely serious about her ultimatum. She will get up from the table and walk away and Peter is shown wiping away a tear.

Is this really it for Peter and Madi? ABC hints that this situation will lay the groundwork for a bombshell finale. Not only that, but additional The Bachelor spoilers have signaled a whopper of an ending.

While this preview makes it seem as if Madi quits the show at this point, The Bachelor spoilers tease that this isn't necessarily quite the end for this couple. According to blogger Reality Steve, it's Victoria who ends up eliminated at the next rose ceremony. However, he says that he has been able to confirm that Madi does quit the show before the final rose ceremony.

The exact ending to Peter's season has not been fully uncovered yet. Both fans and Reality Steve have a hunch that Peter goes after Madi and wins her back, but that they decide to date without an engagement. The Bachelor spoilers tease that things will be chaotic as the final episodes air over the next few weeks and fans are quite anxious to get answers.