Faith Hill PDA With Tim McGraw At ‘Tomorrowland’ Premiere Proves Their Love Is Country-Strong [Video]

Faith Hill showed the meaning of PDA (personal display of affection) with Tim McGraw at the Tomorrowland premiere. Although the scene was kid-friendly Disneyland, their romance proved very real amid the fun, reported PopSugar.

Holding hands on the red carpet, Faith beamed as Tim gallantly kissed her hand. But they weren’t alone for the occasion. Their three daughters joined them to turn it into a family affair.

However, the conversation did get someone racy at one point during the Tomorrowland gala, reported Fox News.

Give credit to ET reporter Nischelle Turner for making the comment to Faith that caused the romantic interlude between the couple. It all started when she praised Faith’s stunning dress.

“You know the best part about this outfit is that I get to unzip it,” said a leering Tim. “Tonight.”

The racy remark earned him a playful pow from his wife, but Tim just guffawed.

Moreover, the 48-year-old musician pointed out that the fact they have children hints at something more than holding hands.

“How do you think those little kids got to be running around?” Tim teased Faith. “I mean come on!”

But Faith is quick to emphasize that she loves being a mother.

“Honestly I feel like it’s mother’s day every day, truthfully, just to be all together,” she said of Mother’s Day. “And you know, I don’t have to cook. So that’s nice.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Tomorrowland isn’t Tim McGraw’s only opportunity to stretch his wings into areas other than country music.

After starring in Friday Nights Lights, he’s been looking at scripts for awhile.

“I get a lot [of scripts]; it’s just finding the right thing for the right time,” he revealed in fall of 2014.

Now the fates have dealt him the right winning hand, and McGraw is looking forward to testing his acting and producing skills with this new venture.

The series is called Robbers, and it will air on TNT. Fans of author Christopher Cook may recognize the title and plot, which shows the horrifying adventures of two criminals, Eddie and Ray Bob, who break laws throughout Texas.

Tim will take on the role of Ray Bob, who detracts Eddie from his desire to stop his criminal behavior for his girlfriend, Della. It’s the first time that McGraw has played a villain since his Friday Night Lights role as an alcoholic father, and he’s excited about the opportunity.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]