‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Missing Iron Sights Are Purely Cosmetic, Players Will Still Be Able To Aim Down Sights

There apparently has been some confusion regarding the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot on what impact the lack of iron sights will have on advanced in-game aiming mechanics. Physical iron sights are usually used in shooters, such as DICE’s own Battlefield franchise, to allow players to fire with precision by looking directly down a weapons barrel. Confusion on whether Star Wars Battlefront would feature these advanced “aim down sights” mechanics was introduced after the developer recently stated that many of the game’s guns wouldn’t actually have physical iron sights.

However, DICE never intended their statements on the blasters’ lack of actual iron sights to mean that users wouldn’t be able to scope down their barrel in Star Wars Battlefront. Hoping to provide clarity on the subject, Star Wars Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus confirmed on his personal Twitter account this week that the lack of iron sights in the game were removed purely for cosmetic reason and won’t actually affect gameplay in any way.

“Just to clarify, in [Star Wars Battlefront], missing iron sights on certain weapons will have no effect on ADS [Aim Down Sights] gameplay. It’s just a visual thing.”

Since DICE are working in conjunction with LucasFilm in an attempt to faithfully recreate the popular sci-fi universe for Star Wars Battlefront, the developer is visually building close representations of the various settings and props from the films. This includes the classic stormtrooper blasters, which simply happened not to have physical iron sights. To keep with the established lore of the series, DICE opted to also keep iron sights off of the in-game blasters of Star Wars Battlefront. However, as Fegraeus revealed, that doesn’t mean that the upcoming title won’t still feature the ability to aim down sights.

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

In addition to creating accurate representations of the franchise’s weaponry, Star Wars Battlefront will also feature several iconic vehicles that fans of the movies have come to love. Furthermore, players will actually have the opportunity to pilot many of the classic machines from Star Wars as well. While answering a series of community question on Reddit, DICE confirmed that gamers will be able to control Snow Speeders, Speeder Bikes, and even Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. The developer also revealed that fans can expect to see a much larger variety of vehicles to pilot in Star Wars Battlefront that will be announced as the game draws closer to its release date later this fall.

What do you think about DICE’s commitment to visually recreate movie props to build the world and items of Star Wars Battlefront?

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