George Zimmerman 911 Call Released: ‘I Just Shot George Zimmerman’

The audio from the 911 call made after George Zimmerman was shot in the face has been released today. According to ABC News, a man named Ken Cornell was told by the shooter, Matthew Apperson, to call 911 because he had just shot George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has become a household name for shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin. After a verdict of not guilty, Zimmerman was set free and has been causing controversy ever since. His story became even more shocking when he was shot and injured by Apperson on Monday. Ken Cornell informed the police that, “a guy just said he had to pull a gun on a guy,” the guy being Matthew Apperson.

“The guy right here just said he had to shoot someone through his window, so he wants the police to come. He said it was George Zimmerman.”

At the same time as the 911 call, Zimmerman flagged down a police officer and claimed someone shot at him while he was inside his vehicle, according to the Lake Mary Police Department. Cornell claimed that the shooter looked “visibly shaken” by the incident. He said that Apperson came running up to him screaming, “Please call 911… I just shot George Zimmerman.”

Zimmerman’s account claims that he was driving into a retail center when Apperson’s vehicle pulled up honking with lights flashing. Apperson supposedly yelled at him and fired a shot through the passenger side window when he tried to leave. The shooter then fled and told Ken Cornell to make the 911 call.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 48 seconds of the 911 call that were released only make up half of the entire call. The second half of the call has been withheld by the police department, according to Lake Mary police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett, because it has “pertinent information” related to the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

Neither George Zimmerman nor Matthew Apperson have yet been interviewed by the police, leaving many people to speculate what might have happened in the shooting. Apperson claims he was standing his ground against George Zimmerman, who may also have been armed.

Zimmerman’s attorney Don West confirmed that George did have a gun with him at the time of the shooting, but that he has a permit for it.

“He did have a gun in the vehicle,” West said. “He has a concealed-weapons permit and he often has a gun with him, especially when he’s traveling.”

The weapon has since been recovered by police.

According to WF My News, the cause of the incident is unknown, but George Zimmerman has apparently had a previous “road rage” incident with Matthew Apperson before.

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