Lionel Messi Breaks Barcelona’s All-Time Scoring Record [Video]

Who is Spain’s greatest soccer player? Going by the numbers it’s hard to argue against 24-year-old Lionel Messi. Messi scored three goals during Barcelon’s victory over Granada on Tuesday night to break the all-time scoring record.

Messi now has 234 career goals, two more than Cesar Rodriguez who was a prolific scorer in the 40s and 50s.

Messi’s coach Josep Guardiola said:

“We are witnessing the best player in every sense. He does everything, and he does it every three days.”

CNN reports that Messi is averaging more than a goal a game. In Barcelon’s 45 games so far this season the young phenom has scored 54 goals.

Guardiola added:

“I’m sorry for those that want to sit on his throne, but this lad is the best. Hopefully we can enjoy his football for many more years… Leo has rightfully entered into history. There are few players that dominate in this fashion, and he does it.”

And now that Messi is the best in his sport, Guardiola did the only logical thing and made a Michael Jordan comparison.

“Jordan dominated his sport and Messi dominates this one. The first thing about Messi to point out is his mentality. He has great quality, of course. But the important thing is his mental strength.”

The New York Times reports that Cesar set the record in 1955 after playing 13 seasons. Messi is currently in the middle of only his 8th season.