Madonna Prepares New Single: Will It Beat Mariah Carey’s ‘Infinity’?

Madonna’s last two singles, “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown,” barely made an impact in terms of pop music, even if she is about to break a record for having 45 No. 1 hits on the Dance Club Songs chart. She is hoping to change that by releasing the polarizing track “B***h I’m Madonna” as the third single from Rebel Heart.

Whether or not people think the song is ridiculous (and Madonna has repeatedly indicated the song is supposed to be irreverent), releasing “B***h I’m Madonna” as a single is seen as a good choice from chart experts. Not only is the song the most consistently selling track from Rebel Heart on the iTunes chart, but a performance of the song recently helped revive the album, although the increase in sales only lasted a short period of time.

According to Madonna’s most popular fan site, MadonnaTribe, a video is being filmed this week.

“Madonna will shoot her new music video this week, MadonnaTribe has learnt. A casting notice has been sent out for dancers to join the Queen of Pop in her latest clip, and the crew shoots are planned for Thursday, May 14. The production team is looking for super hip, edgy performers aged 15-30 year, men and women. They are calling for a variety of different types, from street kids to club folks, with unique, interesting faces, all willing to hand.”

MadonnaTribe also notes that shooting will take place in New York City and will include a pool party as well as a club scene. It sounds like a lot of fun, and many fans suspect the video will either be a self-parody or another middle finger to her ageist and misogynistic critics.

Another artist who is facing ageism is Mariah Carey, whose fans celebrated the fact that her new single “Infinity” debuted at No. 82 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 last week. Even though the number is disappointing, fans say that it beat the chart positions of Madonna’s “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown.”

Madonna fans and chart experts have argued back that in the case with “Living for Love,” the song was never given a traditional standalone release. The song was released last December in a package with six other songs to combat the leak of demos from the Rebel Heart recording sessions. Even though “Living for Love” was No. 1 on the iTunes chart for two days, the sales that fans downloaded as part of the package didn’t count. If released as a stand-alone single, “Living for Love” would have never been a huge hit, but it would have at least charted.

A lot has changed in ten years: In 2005, Mariah Carey and Madonna fans argued who was the most successful. In 2015, fans are arguing who is the most unsuccessful. Let’s hope both Madonna and Mariah Carey could get back on track and rule the world of pop music once again.

[Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture]