Florida Man Punches Shark That Bit Him

Josh Green felt something grab his foot while swimming, so he reacted by punching it, the Huffington Post reported. Only after he punched it did Green realize he had been bitten by a shark. He later got 18 stitches on his foot and leg for the injuries caused by the shark bite.

“Josh Green, a student at the University of Central Florida, was swimming in the ocean last Thursday when he felt something latch on to his leg. Our hero then did what any God-fearing American would: He gave that shark a good ol’ freedom punch,” the Huffington Post reported.

Green said he didn’t realize it was a shark until after he punched it, thinking it was someone messing with him until he felt the face while punching it. The pictures below are those of his injuries that Green posted later, after his encounter with the shark.

Florida man punches shark that bit him

“A University of Central Florida student bitten several times by a shark off Cocoa Beach says he managed to escape further injury by punching the fish,” Click Orlando reported.

“Josh Green says he was swimming in the ocean on Thursday when a shark bit him several times on his foot. Green says he punched the shark to get free.”

Green did not actually see the shark in his encounter with it, but lifeguards believed it was likely a blacktip shark.

“University of Central Florida student said he only needed 18 stitches after warding off a shark attack by punching the predator in the face,” UPI News reported.

Josh Green said he was swimming about 3 p.m. Thursday at Cocoa Beach when he felt something grab onto his ankle.

When Green punched the shark, it released it grip on his foot and Green was able to quickly swim to shore, when he was brought to the lifeguard. It is believed the shark was about four to five feet long.

“Green didn’t see the shark that attacked him, according to Click Orlando, but a lifeguard who observed his injuries asserted that they were consistent with those inflicted by a blacktip shark. After Green managed to free himself from the predator’s grasp, he made his way to shore where the rest of his group remained, unaware he had been attacked,” the Inquisitr reported yesterday. “After making it out of the ocean, Green limped to his friends, who quickly took him to the nearest lifeguard. A friend of Green’s transported him to a clinic by car, where the wounds inflicted by the shark’s attack were closed with 18 stitches. Green’s foot, ankle, and calf were all lacerated by the unseen shark during the attack.”

[Photo Blacktip shark from the Pittsburgh Zoo]