Cristiano Ronaldo: Legs Cause A Stir On Social Media [Photos]

During training today, we could see Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs on display, and now social media can’t get enough of them.

The Real Madrid striker and his teammates were training in anticipation of the very crucial second leg of the UEFA Champions League to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday. If anyone had any doubts as to how dedicated Ronaldo is to his physical fitness, then these photos should erase them.

By all accounts, Cristiano Ronaldo’s toned legs are the result of hours upon hours spent at the gym during conditioning sessions. In order to be one of the top football players in the world, being in extremely good shape is not only necessary, it’s demanded by club owners, who pay him a hefty salary.

The Portuguese superstar takes his physical fitness very seriously, and is one of the hardest working athletes in the world, like him or not. Now, in these new photos snapped during Real Madrid’s latest training practice, Ronaldo’s toned legs are taking center stage.

The photos are a true testament to the man’s incredible body, but the definition we see is truly astonishing. Check out the detail captured by the photographers present at Real Madrid’s training session on Tuesday.

One of the most important factors in his physical fitness is in his mind.

“Mental strength is just as important as physical strength,” Ronaldo said of his training. But it’s not only about exercising and dieting. Cristiano confessed he avoids alcohol, which can have lots of calories and give you a gut.

Other tips to become as fit as the mega successful footballer are being disciplined and setting goals to keep track of your progress, which will go a long way to improve your fitness level, the Portugal captain says. Eating regularly, getting enough sleep, warming up and stretching, and mixing up strength training with high intensity or aerobic training are some of the things Cristiano Ronaldo suggests to stay fit.

Not many are going to have Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs, but he can certainly serve as an inspiration on how to make your fitness goals a reality.

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]