Fredrik Eklund Could Possibly Get Puppy After Losing Beloved Mousey

Fredrik Eklund may be dominating the New York real-estate market, but he is dealing with some very hurtful things at home. And it has nothing to do with his husband, Derek Kaplan, or his daughter, Milla, who will be arriving via surrogate later this year. Last weekend, Fredrik announced that his beloved dog, Mousey, had passed away.

According to the Inquisitr, Fredrik Eklund shared the news on social media last week. Eklund revealed that his puppy had died in his arms and that his home had become empty. It had been an emotional time for himself and his husband. And their other pet, Fritzy, had been very confused, since someone was clearly missing.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he could be looking for a new puppy. It is no secret that Eklund loves his pets, but there may be a void in his heart after losing his beloved Mousey. And he may have found a dog already.

“If you could touch his nose, would you? Give him a kiss, would you? Hold him close to your chest now, would you? What is it with me and little dogs? I mean small, soft baby dogs? I sit in the sofa, drinking a glass of wine with Derek, discussing the possibility of getting a new puppy,” Fredrik Eklund revealed, while sharing an adorable picture of a new puppy.

Clearly, Eklund is having a hard time after losing his dog, Mousey. His dog had been sick for quite some time, and Fredrik had desperately tried everything possible to make Mousey feel better. However, the dog was simply too sick, and vets had given up. Fredrik Eklund was shocked and saddened, but he is already in a better mood.

“Yes, he needs a girlfriend, I tell Derek! But what would her name be? Would I be able to promise her the best of all animal lives?” Fredrik asks, adding, “And would Mousey approve from heaven, watching the new pup kiss me? Will our daughter Milla love her new little friend? Please tell me yes or no, now, so I can read what you think to Derek?”

Many of his fans totally love the idea. Many don’t see this new dog replacing Mousey. Instead, Fredrik Eklund’s fans encouraged him to go get a rescue dog to keep Fritzy company.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund possibly getting a rescue dog?

[Image via Bravo]