Justin Bieber Prepares To Land ‘In Final Touch Stage’ New Album

Justin Bieber is back. And he comes bearing gifts. Namely, his anticipated new album.

If that’s something you’re interested in, the horizon is bright. The 21-year-old superstar has just revealed his album is in the “final touch stage.”

There is a “but.” Justin isn’t dishing on a release date for his nearly cooked opus, and left it at “soon” in his pre-Wango Tango performance interview with L.A. radio station KIIS 102.7.

But, on paper, Justin’s upcoming album should be something special. Iconic even, with the Biebs’ talent plus Kanye West and Rick Rubin at the helm as producers.

Pressed for details about his new material, the Canadian star kept things general. “There’s not really a direction. It’s like uplifting music that people are going to dance to,” he offered.

However, he did say “[It’s] a little different,” when asked exactly that. The singer explained, “It’s just — like I said — it’s really just uplifting and people are going to smile while they’re listening to it.”

The Biebs got real definite about one thing though. The heartthrob told the KIIS hosts his album will address the dramas and turbulence that has been a feature of his life in recent years.

“Yes. I’m speaking,” Justin replied to a query about channeling his up and downs in his art.

“I’m using my voice in my music rather than out here in the world. ‘Cause people often just take my words and twist them and stuff. So, not really talking a lot and just using my music for that,” he added.

During the sit-down, the Calvin Klein model seemed upbeat. At one point he said, “Overall, I’m really happy with the place I’m at creatively right now.” He added, “I feel like this is the best I’ve been.”

Currently topping Shazam UK’s top 100 chart and soaring on Billboard’s dance charts (it’s also No. 30 on the Hot 100) with “Where Are Ü Now” collaborators — Jack Ü’s Skrillex and Diplo — the Biebs praised the EDM alchemists as “super talented.”

On the trio’s previously reported intention to work on his album, Justin teased, “Possibly. I was just in the studio with Skrillex the other night. Diplo was working, but we’re going to be getting it back in.” [Note: The singer subsequently hit up a music lab with Sonny Moore on May 11].

Biebervelli also revealed the origin story of their dance slayer. “The song was just me and piano. Skrillex just came in and did his stuff. Him and Diplo messed up the beat.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber's Wango Tango show was not only highly anticipated, it was the the heartthrob's first solo big stage performance since 2013)

Further album reveals came when Justin was interviewed on Wango Tango’s pink carpet.

Alluding to emotional matters, he said, “There’s a lot of personal songs on there. I feel like I’m expressing myself through this album.”

The singer clarified, “I haven’t been able to talk a lot and say my side of… stuff that’s been going on in the media… So, I just want to make sure that people can understand that it’s about the music.”

Last but not least, the oft-shirtless one announced he is set to tour this summer. Bieber’s new era is here — and his new album cometh.

[Images via Andrea Tardio/MTV/Getty Images for 102.7 KIIS FM’S Wango Tango]