‘NCIS’ Finale Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Viewers Expect As Season 12 Ends?

The Season 12 finale of NCIS airs Tuesday night on CBS, and fans are anxious to know what’s slated to happen. The last that viewers saw, Ned Dorneget was killed in an explosion while on a mission in Egypt with McGee. NCIS spoilers indicate that fans will see the team seek justice in the May 12 finale. What can everybody expect, and is the show renewed for Season 13 or canceled?

As TV Guide teases, the Season 12 finale episode is titled “Neverland.” The team will be racing to bring down the terrorist group that was behind Dorneget’s death. The death is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle with this terror group, and the team is scrambling to prevent even more carnage.

According to the NCIS spoilers from TVLine, the finale will bring a lot of action and “a big Gibbs moment” that actor Mark Harmon apparently really liked. Rocky Carroll, who plays Leon Vance, teases via Extra TV that there is a cliffhanger ahead.

Mimi Rogers is back as Dorneget’s mother, and it looks like she has some powerful, emotional scenes. The full team heads to the Middle East to try to bring down the terror group, and it seems they may come across some significant surprises.

Will fans be left hanging for forever with that Season 12 finale cliffhanger? Luckily, the answer is no. Though the news only came out this week, CBS has renewed NCIS for Season 13, notes Entertainment Weekly.

The network has renewed most of its staples, including The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Person of Interest and Hawaii Five-0. Fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations are still hanging for the moment, waiting for news, though an answer should come soon. At this point, word is that the show may return to wrap things up with a two-hour television movie.

Because of an interview Harmon did with The Late Late Show With James Corden, fans are buzzing that the worst may not be over yet. Is there another death ahead before the season is over? It sounds that way, but based on what had been shared heading into these final episodes, most clues point to Dorneget being the death teased via recent NCIS spoilers.

As TV Guide notes, though, speculation is heading in many different directions given the available NCIS spoilers. There’s buzz from many wondering if Ziva will play into this finale somehow. Many still want Cote de Pablo back on the show, and the door was left open. Some wonder, though, if the character may tie in to “Neverland” somehow and may even be killed off once and for all.

Where are things headed for Season 13 of the show? Everybody will know more once the team conquers the terrorist group in Egypt in Tuesday night’s Season 12 finale. This episode of NCIS is teased as having a disturbing and shocking ending, and it sounds as if viewers will definitely be buzzing once it’s all over.

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