Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hanging Up Their Coats After Fall 2015?

Is Grey’s Anatomy saying goodbye after Season 12? We already know that the show has been renewed for another season for the fall 2015 schedule, but after that, is it all over?

Here’s what we know.

Back in 2014, Grey’s Anatomy originals such as Ellen Pompeo (Meredith), Justin Chambers (Alex), Sara Ramirez (Callie), Chandra Wilson (Bailey) and James Pickens Jr (Richard) signed a new two-year deal, which ensured that they will be in place for the current Season 11 and Season 12. Patrick Dempsey (Derek) also signed the same contract, but to the shock of many viewers, his character was killed off this season. While we don’t anticipate any more originals to disappear during the fall 2015 season of the show, it’s up in the air whether or not they will renew for another two-year deal once season 12 has rung out in 2016.

So, does this mean the show will end after next year? It doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Taking the path carved out by the long running medical drama ER, it looks like the show might still go on with or without the originals. Then again, the actors may renew before Season 12 is over.

Although we don’t know about the fate of the characters on the show, ABC president Paul Lee weighed in on whether or not Grey’s Anatomy and veteran series Castle will end after the 2015-2016 season.

According to TV Line as stated, it doesn’t look like these two shows are going anywhere. “[It’s] not the final season of either. And I would like to see them run for many, many years to come. They’re both powerful, vibrant brands with incredibly passionate audiences.”

If that’s not an indication that ABC is in love with Grey’s Anatomy, with or without McDreamy, the fact that the network just brought on another show by creator Shonda Rhimes speaks volumes. Currently, Rhimes owns Thursday nights, with ABC even dubbing it TGIT thanks to her shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder being a force on Thursday nights.

ABC announced that Rhimes’ The Catch is going to series. According to Variety, The Catch will follow “a female forensic accountant whose career specialty is exposing fraud for a living. Much like the leading ladies of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder, the sure-to-be fierce woman at the forefront of the crime thriller is not all she appears to be and has a tumultuous love life. She’s about to get married, but also about to get conned by her fiancé — little does he know, her lies end up colliding with his cons.”

The Catch will star The Killings‘ Mireille Enos.

Do you think the originals will sign up for another two-year deal for Grey’s Anatomy?

[Image via ABC]