Find Out Why Blac Chyna Is Taking The Kylie Jenner Feud To Court

The Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner feud has gotten ugly. After the “Rack City” rapper admitted he’s dating the 17-year-old for her maturity, he and his former girlfriend have been at odds over the custody of their two year-old-son, King Cairo. Blac Chyna is reportedly seeking full custody of their child.

TMZ was the first to break the developing news in the Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner feud. The video vixen is reportedly looking to become the sole guardian of King Cairo. Blac wants to her son to stay with her as he attends preschool. She doesn’t believe that King should be around Kylie Jenner.

According to an alleged source, the Instagram model doesn’t want her son “bouncing from home to home during the first week because he’s going to start preschool soon.” She also believes that Tyga and Kylie lack immaturity and skill when it comes to parenting.

An alleged source told Hollywood Life the real reason why Blac Chyna is seeking custody. She still can’t get over the fact that Tyga left her for the young and impressionable teen.

“She feels humiliated that he chose Kylie over her. That’s devastating and something she’s going to struggle with for a very long time.”

It’s obvious that the feud is deeper than that. Blac doesn’t like the fact that Tyga is dating a minor. The rapper’s relationship with the Jenner sister is actually illegal in the state of California.

However, the authorities aren’t looking into their relationship, even though the couple has been flaunting it on social media. Local authorities told TMZ that a friend or family member close to Jenner would have to submit a complaint in order for them to investigate the matter.

Blac Chyna is very serious about this bitter custody battle. She’s even hired a top lawyer to help her file the court documents, according to Vibe magazine. It was reported that back in December that Tyga was the one who seeking full custody of their son. The rapper later denied the report.

The news site also claimed that Blac Chyna is willing to give Tyga visitation rights, but only during the weekends. She also wants child support for food, clothing, schooling, and housing. Neither Blac nor Tyga have commented about this new report, but the rapper blasted TMZ for creating false reports on their website.

Blac Chyna doesn’t want to speak out about anything, including private family matters. She indirectly tweeted her ex-boyfriend on Mother’s Day.

The former stripper allegedly spent her 27th birthday crying over Kylie Jenner. She may have looked happy celebrating her special day, but she was dying inside, according to an alleged source.

“All the gifts in the world won’t make Blac Chyna as happy as Tyga would. She told one of her close girlfriends that she wants to be on a yacht with him and their son right now, sipping champagne and having a leisure day at sea. Instead, she’s home crying right now and listening to Faith Evans’ ‘You Use To Love Me.’ She’s keeping it together for the most part and being as upbeat and happy as she can. But boy, does she miss and hate Tyga all at the same time.”

As Tyga flaunts his illegal relationship, Blac flaunted her curves in a sheer pantsuit on Monday, May 11. She left little to the imagination as she partied at Ace of Diamonds Strip Club in West Hollywood. Blac showed off her famous figure in a matching crop top and high-waisted leggings outfit that featured sheer paneling and cutouts.

The model looked totally happy and fine as she headed into the club with one of her closest girl friends.

Do you think Blac Chyna should seek full custody of King Cairo?

[Image: Blac Chyna/Instagram]