WWE News: Update On Daniel Bryan’s WWE Status, Will He Be At WWE Payback?

The WWE Raw crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio was stuck with a harsh realization near the end of the program last night. Daniel Bryan doesn’t have much time left in the WWE. The former WWE World Heavyweight champion talked to the WWE Universe and basically said he doesn’t even know if he’ll every wrestle again. The MRI results didn’t let the doctors clear Bryan for in-ring competition.

Before WWE Raw even took place, Bryan was rumored to come back on the program last night and even work WWE Payback in five days. After the announcement the former-Intercontinental champion made, it was clear that he won’t be working at WWE tapings for the foreseeable future. Now, that is subject to change because he can be on the announce desk or backstage.

There is an update on Daniel Bryan already, but it doesn’t include any in-ring work. According to WrestleZone, Bryan is scheduled for future-WWE shows, as well as WWE Payback.

“Bryan is not scheduled to be at the WWE Smackdown tapings tomorrow night, but as of now he is still listed for this Sunday night’s Payback PPV. Bryan is also being advertised for next week’s WWE tapings in Virginia, and it remains to be seen whether or not WWE will pull Bryan from any further TV tapings.”

This is good news for WWE fans because Bryan isn’t being forced to stay at home in Washington and rehab his injury. Bryan should stick around the WWE until he heals up. They have their own doctors who probably check on him everyday. Especially with Brie Bella, Bryan’s wife, basking in the glory of the Bella Twins push, he will presumably want to watch that from within.

It’s truly a shame that a workhorse like Daniel Bryan consistently remains on the shelf with an injury. WWE fans often believe that Bryan is an injury-prone wrestler. When in actuality, Bryan’s first-serious injury in WWE came at the end of his mega-push to WrestleMania 30. Before then, Daniel Bryan always remained relatively healthy in his WWE tenure.

Even though the former-WWE champ isn’t 25 anymore, he can still heal from this injury. Nobody, except for Bryan and his doctors, know what the MRI truly revealed. If it was a tear of any kind in the shoulder; that’s about a 3-5 month recovery. If he broke anything, which would’ve shown up on an X-Ray, the timetable for recovery is shorter. Either way, as long as permanent nerve damage wasn’t sustained, Bryan will be back in a WWE ring soon enough.

[Image via cricket.yahoo.com]