‘Bachelorette’ 2015 Season Spoilers: Reality Steve Teases Final Rose Information As Premiere Looms

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season are anxiously waiting to hear if Kaitlyn Bristowe got engaged during filming. Season 11 premieres on Monday, May 18 and Reality Steve’s spoilers are teasing a few tidbits. Do Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers dish out details regarding the final rose yet?

From the sounds of things, fans will have to hang tight for at least a bit longer on specifics regarding the Season 11 final rose and last guys standing. There’s been a lot of speculation floating around, but so far, production has managed to keep more than usual under wraps.

Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that he did get information regarding the Bachelorette final rose ceremony for Season 11 that took place in early May. However, he indicates that he’s still double-checking sources and he’s not ready to dish out the goods quite yet. Steve does say that he thinks he’ll be ready to share what he knows later in the week.

At this point, Bachelorette spoiler fans do know that the guys chose Kaitlyn Bristowe to be the ongoing lead for the season. Kaitlyn is back home now, as she’s back on social media and she seems to be in great spirits. However things do end in Season 11, it would appear that she’s happy about it all.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of murkiness and mystery. The sleuths at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums have been digging into things throughout filming, and they think they have a handful of guys to keep an eye on toward the end. It’s believed that at the time of the final six, Shawn Booth, Chris Strandburg, Ben Higgins, Joe Bailey, Jared Haibon and returnee Nick Viall were the ones still in the mix of things.

Unfortunately for anxious Bachelorette spoiler fans, things have been hazy beyond that. It may be worth noting that Chris Harrison has shared his five guys to watch via Yahoo! TV, and he often includes key finalists in this piece. For example, in past seasons Harrison has noted both Whitney Bischoff, the winner of Chris Soules’ season, as well as Josh Murray who won Andi Dorfman’s season in this regular preview.

Who does Harrison focus on for Season 11? Both Strandburg and Bailey make his cut, but fans won’t know for a bit yet whether that signals anything. ABC has not yet started teasing Nick Viall’s participation, so naturally, he wouldn’t be included in Chris’ list of guys to watch. Some suspect that Viall, who first appeared on Andi Dorfman’s season, could make it very far this season.

While Reality Steve’s spoilers aren’t breaking down the final four, three, two or final rose recipient yet, others are doing a lot of digging and speculating. From the looks of social media activity and rumors at the spoiler forum, Strandburg, Booth, Viall, and Higgins seem to be garnering the most buzz about making it far into Season 11.

Will the early buzz regarding Kaitlyn Bristowe’s final rose possibilities pan out to be correct? Will Reality Steve’s spoilers nail the specifics this season? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season begins Monday, and fans can’t wait to see how things come together this spring.

[Image via Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Instagram]