Meghan Trainor’s Ted Baker Images Slimmed Down – Fashion Firm To Blame?

Meghan Trainor’s Ted Baker images have raised some controversy after it appeared they had been slimmed down with a photo editor. The clothing line was said to be “mortified” at accusations that they had allegedly edited the photos of the singer in their latest clothing to make her look thinner.

Trainor’s fans know by now that she’s “all about that bass,” meaning that the pop singer is giving stockier women the chance to shine by celebrating the curves. In an increasingly perfectionistic culture, Hollywood and the fashion industry are known for trying to make women think they need to be dangerously thin to be attractive. Trainor countered this in her song and music video by featuring not-so-thin models and catchy lyrics such as “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

Trainor even raved about how good the clothing line’s pencil skirts made her look, according to Yahoo Beauty.

Unfortunately the email sent out by the fashion store allegedly slimmed Meghan Trainor’s Ted Baker photos, countering the singer’s message. The Daily Mail pointed out the difference when they placed the original Getty Images photo alongside the “retouched” version in the email. Ted Baker fired back against the accusations that the photos taken at Wango Tango were altered.

“Our LA based agency, BWR, did not Photoshop or intentionally alter images in [any way]. We are absolutely mortified by this story. The photos were cropped and reduced in size in order to fit into the email and were not intended to be published in this watermarked format.”

Fans of the singer and the fashion firm have taken to Twitter to recount their disgust that Ted Baker would do such a thing. Meghan Trainor has been a plus-sized model of self respect from the minute she gained fame. Her PR agents have yet to comment on the alleged resizing of her image and the resulting “false advertising.”

What do you think of Meghan Trainor’s Ted Baker photos being resized and stretched, making her look thinner?

[Image via Chris Jackson / Getty Images]