Art Professor Sits Nude With Students At Final Exam, And No One Seems Very Bothered About It

It’s a common nightmare: Showing up in class in your birthday suit. But for some California art students, the nightmare came true – their professor asked them to be nude for their final exam.

But before you get too angry, there are a couple important facts to take into consideration – everyone is aware of the requirement at the beginning of the semester, it’s in the syllabus, and nudity is not required for the course or the test.

And no one fails if they choose to keep their clothes on. If they’re uncomfortable, they shouldn’t enroll, UC San Diego professor Ricardo Dominquez said.

Regardless, the mom of one of told ABC10 News that her daughter was forced to strip or fail.

“There’s a perversion going on here. The fact he is a professor and has control over these (kids), I think he’s taking it was too far … It bothers me, I’m not sending her to school for this. To blanket say you must be naked in order to pass my class. It makes me sick to my stomach. It’s just wrong. This is a memory (she’ll) have to carry around with her for the rest of her life.”

Surprisingly, not many agree with her.

The exam, the course, and this bizarre requirement is a bit hard to grasp for anyone not artistically-inclined: “Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self,” has ” a number of prompts for short performances called ‘gestures,'” the college’s art department chairman, Jordan Campbell, explained.

There are three so-called “gestures,” or performances, including the controversial one, which apparently doesn’t need to be performed in the buff, Crandall said.

“There are many ways to perform nudity or nakedness, summoning art history conventions of the nude or laying bare of one’s ‘traumatic’ or most fragile and vulnerable (state). One can ‘be’ nude (when) covered.”

The syllabus describes the gesture as one that expresses each person’s erotic nature, the Daily Mail reported. During the exam, the group sits unclothed together in a dark, candlelit room, the Telegraph added. Dominquez also gets in the buff – and he does it every year.

Until now, no one has complained. And student Ricardo Ales isn’t standing behind the female student who felt uncomfortable, either.

“Everyone (will) be naked. She’s not being singled out (or) abused, there’s nothing sexual about it.”

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]