Kentucky Family That Had Their Ten Kids Taken Away Won't Get Them Back - For Now

The Kentucky family that claimed their ten kids were taken into state custody because they chose to live an "off-the-grid" and "back to basics" lifestyle will not be getting back custody of their children for now, WLKY (Louisville) is reporting.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Naugler family of Breckenridge County, Kentucky lost custody of their ten children to Kentucky's child protective services based on an "anonymous complaint" that their children were being neglected.

The Kentucky family claimed that they were targeted because of their lifestyle, and, in particular, because of the fact that their children are "un-schooled" - that is, homeschooled, but without a specific curriculum, where the children learn by "natural experiences" such as play and working on the farm.

On Monday, the Naugler parents appeared before a court hearing to argue why they should regain custody of their ten children. A family spokesperson confirmed to WLKY that the Kentucky family will not regain custody of their children this week.

The picture painted by neighbors of the Naugler family's lifestyle is starkly different from that painted by Joe and Nicole Naugler themselves, according to KMOV (Saint Louis). While the parents contend that they live happily and austerely, neighbor Travis Metcalf says they live in poverty and squalor.

"They're living underneath tarps. So kinda take it at that. They delivered a baby up there last winter. It was about 30 degrees below zero; it's no living conditions for a kid at all."
Joe Naugler's eldest son from a previous relationship, Alex Brow, echoed that sentiment. The 19-year-old, who lives in another state, tells WKLY that he's concerned about the welfare of his younger half-siblings.
"I am very worried about them and I hope that everything that can be done, that was done here, can help them move on and have a better life."
The neighbor who filed the complaint against the Nauglers alleged in their complaint that the Kentucky family was using water from the neighbor's well, and Joe Naugler became unhinged when told to stop.
"[Naugler] was turned down for the water request and asked to leave the property. He then said to his son 'get the pistol out of the glove compartment box.' [Naugler] was acting very erratically. He was calling us names that I have to spell out. I can't even say 'em. And he said 'don't worry, I know where you live, and I'm gonna be back.'"
Meanwhile, people sympathetic to the Kentucky family's plight continue their fundraising efforts to help the Nauglers in their custody battle against the State. A GoFundMe page set up for the Kentucky family's legal expenses has raised over $41,000 as of this post.

[Image courtesy of: Naugler Family]