‘Mad Men’ Finale: Seth Meyers’ Hilarious ‘Best Of’ Tribute

Mad Men will officially come to an end on Sunday, May 17, 2015, when the series finale will be aired on the cable channel AMC. As a testament to the widespread popularity and critical acclaim for the show, AMC did not offer companies the opportunity to purchase advertising spots during the finale in its usual annual upfront ad purchasing opportunity, CNN Money reported. Instead, AMC decided to withhold offering the 24-commercial advertising spots for the finale until early April 2015, presumably to take advantage of the escalating interest in and anticipation for the season finale.

The penultimate Mad Men episode was aired on Sunday, May 10, 2015, and the following evening late-night television host Seth Meyers ran a segment in which they wistfully reminisced about the end of an era – but something other than the series finale of Mad Men. Instead, Meyers drew attention to what he called one of the most cryptic and intentionally ambiguous aspects of the series.

“This coming Sunday – final episode of Madcap men – heartbreaking. That means last night was the finale of something else I always look forward to. I’m talking about ‘Next Week on Mad Men’. These are the trailers for the following week’s episode of Mad Men that air at the end of the show, and, to be honest, reveal nothing about what will happen. They’re known for being cryptic and they seem intentionally ambiguous but I personally love them.”

The Wall Street Journal commented that the Next Week on Mad Men teasers gave nothing away in terms of what would actually happen in the following episode, short of giving hints about which characters may appear (which, given that continuity between episodes is often lacking, can actually be quite helpful).

The Seth Meyers compilation includes only the most inconsequential moments of Mad Men‘s entire seven seasons, including hard-hitting phrases such as “I think you look great,” “I’m going to need an Airmail envelope,” “Oh my God, my mouth,” “You wanted to see me?,” And “I’m wearing boots.”

As the Wall Street Journal noted, Seth Meyers’ best of compilation also includes Pete Campbell picking up and hanging up the phone no less than six times.

According to the Twitter buzz, the infuriatingly useless “Next Week on Mad Men” segment is a series staple that will be missed almost as much as Mad Men itself will be.

This is the last night of the masterclass of visual and aural cryptography known as Next Week on Mad Men — Juvenile Cinephile (@juvie_cinephile) May 10, 2015

[Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images]