Bull Shark Attack: French Woman Watches Husband Die While On Snorkeling Excursion

A bull shark attacked a man name Yves Berthelot while he was snorkeling off the coast of New Caledonia (east of Australia). According to Mail Online, Mr. Berthelot was on an excursion with his wife, Anne, when he was attacked. Although he was fairly close to the shore, a shark was lurking in the waters beneath him, and he was bitten “multiple times.”

His wife could do nothing but watch her husband be taken by the massive man eater.

“He was swimming just [meters] from a catamaran with his wife and friends in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday when he was bitten multiple times by a bull shark.”

This bull shark attack wasn’t the first of its kind. These sharks can be found in both fresh water and salt water, and are known to be very aggressive. These beasts are found all over the world in warm oceans, lakes, and rivers. Although they have been seen in waters up to 500 feet deep, the bull shark tends to frequent more shallow waters of about 90 feet.

According to the Telegraph, there was not much that could be done once Berthelot’s body was pulled from the water. Most of the people on the catamaran were actually health care workers, but couldn’t do anything to save this man’s life. He died about 45 minutes before emergency personnel arrived.

“It was really a savage and sudden attack. Most people on board were health workers, the first aid given was significant but the injuries were such that unfortunately there was not much that could be done,” said a military police spokesperson.

Friends of the man have been posting messages about him on social media.

“We have lost a friend, a brother. Even though he was thousands of kilometres away from us we were close and we love him. Yesterday he went in a terrible way. Our thoughts turn to Anne, Sophie, Alice and Mano. All our condolences are with the family.”

“I’ve lost the man of my life,” Anne Berthelot wrote on Facebook following the tragedy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been other shark attacks in the waters off of New Caledonia. The popular destination does offer wonderful water conditions, but also some pretty significant dangers. Most of these shark attacks have been “unprovoked.” Coming in contact with a bull shark is bad news.

French national Yves Berthelot was just 50-years-old.

[Photo via Facebook]