Jon Steindorf Missing No Longer, Safe And At Home

Jon Steindorf had been missing since Friday, but the search is over. The former Penn State student has been found and returned home as of Monday, thanks to State College police and former classmates.

The whole mess began on Friday, when Steindorf’s parents had been expecting him home after a successful graduation from Penn State. What they hadn’t yet known was that he hadn’t graduated.

Allegedly, Steindorf had dropped out last fall and never told them. Instead, he allegedly told his parents that he had wrapped up his studies and had delayed his graduation until Spring. When they stopped by his apartment on Pugh street to pick him up for the ceremony, he was nowhere to be found.

Paul Steindorf, the missing drop-out’s father, had learned on Sunday that his son was not set to graduate after all.

“We thought he’d graduate, and that was our understanding that he completed fall classes and he delayed graduation until now, but the most recent information we received was he was not on the list to graduate. Apparently he wasn’t enrolled this fall.”

The news that Jon Steindorf was missing raised several questions, such as why he allegedly misled his parents. None of these questions mattered to Paul as much as whether their son was safe, according to Centre Daily.

“We love him and want him to come home to us. That’s all that matters to us is that he’s safe at home.”

Joanne Steindorf, his mother, took to Facebook to express her gratitude to all who helped find him, according to New York Daily News.

“Thanks to God, and to everyone who took the time to look for Jon, to spread the news, to all of our wonderful family and friends, near and far, for their support, love, and care. We are truly blessed. And a special thanks to all of Jon’s friends, they are very dear to us.”

Jon Steindorf remained missing until a former classmate discovered him in the Greentree neighborhood. He was found on the sidewalk near Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, says State College Lieutenant Keith Robb.

“They located him on the sidewalk, and he was cooperative. He was interviewed, and it was determined he wasn’t a danger to himself or others. He agreed to go back to his family, and he was given a ride home.”

It is unknown what Steindorf had done since Fall or why he had told his parents he was graduating late. What is important is that Jon Steindorf is missing no longer, safe, and sane.

[Image via State College Police]