Jay Z Buys Beyoncé A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Egg, Performer Discusses Her 22-Day Vegan Diet

Jay Z allegedly purchased Beyoncé a Game of Thrones egg. This comes after the news that GoT star Emilia Clarke told Harper’s Bazaar that she tried to steal one of the eggs from the HBO set in Season 1. Clarke also let it slip that Jay Z purchased one for Beyoncé.

Clarke, who plays Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen on the hit HBO series, told the fashion magazine that the Carters purchased the props. The actress casually slipped the information like it would be no big deal to Bey-Z fans.

“Apparently Jay Z bought one for Beyoncé, or something. I don’t know.”

Clarke may or may have not been joking in the interview. The actress said that even she can’t get her hands on one since they cost a lot of money.

“They are really, really, really expensive. And they are really f*****g heavy and serious works of art.”

Its sounds like Jay Z and Beyoncé are hardcore Game of Thrones fans. They’re not the only performers in hip-hop who adore the show. Snoop Dogg revealed that he watches GoT because it teaches him important lessons. The famous marijuana smoker says he believes that the show is based on real history.

“I watch it for historic reasons, to try to understand what this world was based on before I got here. I like to know how we got from there, to here, and the similarities between then and now.”

Hmm, interesting.

But back to Jay Z and Beyoncé. It’s obvious that her husband loves her if he’s willing to shell out money for a Games of Throne dragon egg. How can fans score a husband like Jay Z? The “7/11” sat down with Pitch Perfect star Ester Dean to share some of her relationship tips.

Beyoncé suggests that women should try online dating, practice talking to the opposite sex, and figuring out what they want in a man. It’s also important for women to love themselves.

Ester Dean told Entertainment Tonight about Beyoncé’s surprisingly good love advice.

“I told her all my man goals. She had me figure out what I wanted in a boyfriend. It’s so crazy, ’cause everything I told her I wanted, that’s what my boyfriend is… She would be a great relationship counselor.”

Beyonce also told Dean to use Match.com instead of Tinder.

Fans also want to know how to attain Beyoncé’s curvaceous physique. In a foreward to Marco Borges’ diet book, The 22 Revolution, the singer claims she lost 65 pounds by following a strict vegan diet. Now in an email statement with The New York Times, the singer quashed reports that claim she’s become a full-time vegan.

“First it’s important that you know I am not a vegan. There’s a negative stereotype. You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn’t wear deodorant.”

Yikes. It’s clear that she believes in the vegan stereotype.

Beyoncé did claim that the diet gave her a “glow” and a better night’s sleep. The Carters recently partnered up with Borges to launch a meal delivery service based on his book. Hopefully, it won’t go the way of Tidal and flop.

[Image: Mike Coppola/Getty Images]