Cameran Eubanks Blames Editing For Hookup Story Between Kathryn And Craig

Cameran Eubanks was one of many who watched Southern Charm last night. Despite living through it all as Cameran filmed the show with her fellow co-stars, there may have been some things she wanted clarification on. One of the big topics of last night’s episode was Kathryn Calhoun. She had supposedly spent the night on the beach with Craig Conover. These two used to hate one another, but they realized they had lots in common.

Even though Cameran Eubanks may have had her own speculations as to what happened between these two as they slept on the beach, Cameran never spoke about it out loud. Instead, Eubanks used Twitter to explain that she was innocent in the entire thing and that editing made it look a lot worse than it really was.

According to a new tweet, Cameran Eubanks and her co-star Shep Rose decided to speak out about the story even though they may not have had all the facts at the time. But both of them could make fun of the story, as it did sound odd.

“Correction I NEVER thought or said Craig and Kathryn hooked up. That was edited. Craig knows this. #Southern Charm,” Cameran Eubanks explained, adding a picture of two people who are half-naked in nature.

As for Shep Rose, he admits that he can be mean sometimes in a sarcastic way. When he heard of the news, he may have been more vocal than Cameran Eubanks. And as the episode was airing, he explained that he was only mean because he is friends with them both.

“In response to ep 9 tonight. Im 90% a nice guy. But I can be a sarcastic dick at times. Only mean to people I like though #IfThatMakesSense,” he revealed on Twitter.

It is uncertain what really happened between Craig and Kathryn on the beach, but Cameran Eubanks believes her friend Craig’s account. They were driving around the beach on the golf cart when it died. They were apparently lost, drunk, and tired. Apparently, they decided to dig a hole in the sand, crawl in the hole and sleep on the beach. However, the night turned out to be cold, and they were forced to snuggle for warmth. But he denies they hooked up, and Cameran possibly believes this.

But Cameran Eubanks has her own battles to deal with, so she may not want to spend time fighting Craig’s battles for him. According to the Inquisitr, Eubanks’ husband is eager to have children.

What do you think of Cameran Eubanks blaming editing for how things turned out?

[Image via Bravo]