Miles Teller Is A Hero On And Off-Screen: Saves Pregnant Woman From Rip Current [Video]

Miles Teller Real Life Hero

It seems actor Miles Teller may have taken inspiration from his role as a superhero and applied it to a real-life situation. According to People, Teller played the part of a hero over the weekend, saving a pregnant woman from a potentially life-threatening situation.

Miles and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry were enjoying a day at the beach when a woman, who has yet to be identified, began to call out for help. The mom-to-be had been caught in a rip-tide, also known as a rip current. The National Ocean Service said that lifeguards rescue thousands of swimmers from rip tides each year. Unfortunately, an average of 100 people are thought to die annually because of rip tides.

Luckily for the startled pregnant swimmer, the 28-year-old was on hand to save the day. Miles guided the mom and her young child to safety while a concerned Sperry watched from the beach. It can be easy to downplay the seriousness of the situation, and Miles Teller may not think what he did was that important, but rip tides are very serious; the woman was lucky that someone was there to answer her. It’s also a reminder for swimmers to be mindful of rip currents when at any West or East coast beach.

It wasn’t a matter of chance that brought Teller to the sunny location. As it turns out, Miles was in the area shooting Arms and the Dudes, a movie played opposite Jonah Hill. It’s reportedly based on a real-life situation where two men are contacted by the Pentagon and asked to deliver guns to America’s allies in Afghanistan.

Although it was “fantastic” of Miles Teller to step in to help a damsel in distress, it’s worth noting that he’s not the only actor who has gone out of his way to rescue someone in help. Even though Harrison Ford had a bit of a flight issue recently, the actor has flown rescue missions via helicopter.

“[Ford] was wearing a T-shirt and a cowboy hat,” said 20-year-old Melissa George, one of the hikers he helped save a few years ago. “He didn’t look like I’d ever seen him before.” She didn’t recognize him at the time and was mortified to have vomited in his helicopter.

People are so fascinated by the everyday lives and actions of celebrities like Harrison Ford and Miles Teller that when the step up to do something amazing or selfless, sometimes members of the public are baffled. If Teller had stepped up to rescue a pregnant woman despite not being famous, it would have been every bit as awesome because it meant someone vulnerable was no longer in harm’s way. Though it might not have made national headlines, which is a little sad when you really think of it.

What do you think of “Mr. Fantastic” Miles Teller and his rescue story? Do celebrities get a bit too much credit when they help out everyday citizens?

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[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]