Man Kills Young Husky With Sword, Is Charged [Graphic]

Douglas Joseph Hagler, 47, of Cary, North Carolina, used a sword to stab his 13-month-old husky to death. The husky, named Koda, was tied to a tree when it was stabbed, according to town spokeswoman Susan Moran, as reported in WBTW News Channel 13. Investigators stated that the dog had allegedly bitten Hagler’s roommate. Hagler took the roommate to the hospital and indicated that he was returning home for her wallet. Instead of getting her wallet, he went home and killed the dog.

The scene was horrific. One person who called 911, indicating that the killing was occurring near Hillcrest Cemetery at the end of Page Road, stated the following, according to ABC News Channel 11.

“Someone just killed a husky in their backyard with a sword… [The caller yells at Hagler] What are you doing to this dog… He has a sword in his hand and he just stabbed the dog.”

The gruesome 911 calls have been released and can be heard here. Beware, they are graphic, as the dog can be heard screaming in the background, as he was dying.

The 911 caller stated that Hagler kept stating the following, according to ABC News Channel 11.

“He kept saying ‘that dog’s a killer.’ “

The 911 caller described the sword as having a black handle and being approximately 30 to 36 inches long.

Hagler was arrested on one count of animal cruelty on Sunday and released later that day after posting a $5,000 bond. It’s unclear whether he has a lawyer.

Do you think that Hagler should have received a heavier sentence for killing a domestic animal? Do you consider this to be animal abuse? Shouldn’t people not be able to, in essence, take the law into their own hands? Even if the dog had bitten someone, shouldn’t he have called the appropriate animal authorities to deal with the situation? Please leave your comments below.

In another extreme act of abuse, a King’s Mountain, North Carolina, senior beagle named Libby was in her own back yard when she was beheaded. The family had let their three dogs out into their fenced back yard as usual. Unfortunately, when they went to look for Libby in Kings Mountain, a friend of the family found just her lifeless corpse, with no head, according to an article in the Inquisitr. Her head is still missing in this bizarre, sick case. What type of nasty individuals would do this is unknown, and the police department is seeking the public’s help to find who did this.

[Photo courtesy Raleigh-Wake City-County Bureau of Identification]