Adult Coloring Books Help With Stress: Adults Are Attending Coloring Parties

Margaret Minnicks

According to NBC, adult coloring books help adults deal with stress. The newest and best relaxation method and stress-reducer that is growing in popularity is found in adult coloring books.

"Producers of coloring books for adults can't seem to print them fast enough."


So, why are adult coloring books so popular? Adult coloring books are so popular because they have been found to have a calming effect on adults who engage in the activity of coloring. Adults tend to stay calm when they are color whether they use crayons, markers, or colored pencils. As long as they are filling in white spaces, they are on the right track to having a peaceful mind.

Congdon, who has created three different coloring books, and has three in the work, knows that this technique works.

"The popularity of coloring books right now is part of that larger movement to break away from the hustle and bustle of life."
"I think for women who don't know how to draw or don't feel comfortable or confident drawing, this is another way to socialize and have an activity that they can do with other people, and because you don't need to concentrate very much when you're coloring in a coloring book, so you can talk and have glass of wine."

The American Lung Association recommends 52 stress reducers, and coloring is one of them. Therefore, it is safe to say that coloring is not an activity just for kids. More and more adults are coloring for health benefits, and they can socialize with others while they color.

Do you believe coloring can help you become less stressful?

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