WWE News: ‘Elimination Chamber’ Set To Return, Will Air On WWE Network

WWE News: Elimination Chamber Set To Return

One of the most dangerous, career-shortening and demonic matches of all-time, the Elimination Chamber will be making its return on May 31 as a special on the WWE Network, as the WWE officially announced via Twitter.

With Payback set to take place this Sunday, the Elimination Chamber will follow that pay-per-view and air a mere two weeks later. The Inquisitr reported recently that the company was interested in bringing back the Elimination Chamber, possibly having a match of that stipulation at Payback. Instead, it will air as its own separate show and will be exclusive to the WWE Network, as every pay-per-view is.

The Elimination Chamber first debuted at Survivor Series in 2002. From that point, it became a staple at several big shows. Eventually, the chamber became its own pay-per-view from 2008 through 2014.

WWE Fastlane replaced the Elimination Chamber this year.

Seeing as how the now former Intercontinental champion, Daniel Bryan vacated the title on Monday night RAW this week, the chamber could possibly become the battleground to determine a new champion.

Since Payback is taking place this Sunday, it might be too soon to crown a new champion. The company could always put together a last minute battle royal, but the entire show appears set at this point.

Instead, the company could have Elimination Chamber qualifying matches, like they have done in the past, and have the six winners enter the chamber to crown a new champion. Names such as “King” Bad News Barrett, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Neville, Dolph Ziggler, and others could be possible names that receive a shot at the gold.

Another route the company could go is to further their current storyline with the Authority, Seth Rollins, and Kane — putting Rollins in his toughest challenge yet and have him defend the gold against five other competitors.

The current WWE World Heavyweight champion is defending his title at Payback in a fatal-four way. If the matches end under questionable circumstances, adding two other contestants into an Elimination Chamber setting makes sense.

At this juncture, it’s unclear what direction will be taken in regards to the Elimination Chamber match, but the direction will become clearer after this Sunday’s pay-per-view. But the show will only have two weeks of buildup, making the announcement of the chamber’s return similar to that of the recent rival of the King of the Ring.

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