Justin Bieber Sings, Takes Selfies For Fans Outside Recording Studio: Goals

Justin Bieber hit up a Los Angeles studio with EDM alchemist Skrillex on Monday evening, then utterly delighted a squad of Los Angeles fans that regularly follows the singer around the City of Angels.

It’s the second music lab date in one week for the “Where Are Ü Now” collaborators (Diplo probably FaceTimed) and bodes well for the Biebs’ ongoing writing with Jack Ü on his new album. But it’s the post-session larks that took place that are truly extraordinary in terms of genuine artist to fan interaction and connection.

The female fans who waited outside the studio to meet the superstar subsequently took to social media, posting a slew of videos and messages. Each tweeted that they had met the heartthrob many times before, but said their encounter last night was on a different level of spontaneity, fun, and — for want of a better word — realness.

“Tonight’s perfection can’t be explained!” wrote user @AshleyAnne805. She added, “Best experience with Justin to date – no ‘Justin Bieber’ BS he was just Justin having fun, talking mad s*** & laughing with us.”

So what did these Bieber fans experience in the parking lot that prompted one Belieber to tweet, “Thank you @justinbieber for being you. You are such a sweetheart, and a goofball and such a kind hearted person. We love you.”?

1: “Hold Tight” Unplugged

For starters, Justin serenaded the fans with a Dan Kanter-backed (longtime guitarist and tour musical director) version of Journals song “Hold Tight.”

2: Sprint racing, anyone?

The 21-year-old prankster challenged the girls to a sprint race in the studio parking lot.

The fans claim the Biebs cheated. Rerun?

3: Selfies

And, of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without a spot of selfie-taking. Cue pics of the girls and Justin in numerous Charlie’s Angels and “Blue Steel” poses.

One of the fans said Justin’s security wanted to stop the crew from taking photographs at one point, but said the Canadian put a halt to that and let them snap away.

4: Esther

The fans said they told Justin they were roasting him before he let them into the studio compound. Apparently, the Biebs quipped back, “You were roasting me? I wanna hear some!”

Justin’s recently acquired puppy Esther also got in on the impromptu action. One of the fans posted a video of herself holding the cute Yorkshire Terrier.

5: Group hug

As the hilarity came to a close, the fans said just before Justin headed back into the studio with Skrillex, model pal Hailey Baldwin, and Kanter, he insisted on a group hug.

This report sits in stark relief to LA Weekly’s pithy review of 102.7 KIIS-FM’s Wango Tango Festival. In it, Justin was described as a “smug, weasel-faced, epithet-spouting Canadian” and portrayed as a corporate, distant-from-fans product.

The Beliebers who hung out with Justin Bieber outside that recording studio last night, and the many who have met him in previous similar scenarios, will no doubt heartily disagree.

Update: Lmnola filmed Skrillex arriving at The Record Plant studio in Hollywood Monday at around 9:30 p.m. The website said Skrillex confirmed that he was working with Justin, but sidestepped queries about Chris Brown being part of the session, as per their sources. Check out the clip below.

Skrillex Im Making Music With Justin Bieber provided by LMNOLA

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