Rob Lowe Celebrates Sobriety Milestone And New Fox Series ‘The Grinder’ [Watch The Trailer]

Actor Rob Lowe took to Twitter yesterday to celebrate a sobriety milestone while in New York for the announcement of his new Fox comedy The Grinder. Lowe’s tweet informed fans that Sunday marked 25 years of sobriety for the former Parks and Recreation star.

Rob Lowe was known as something of a party boy in the 1980s during his “brat pack” success. As discussed in Lowe’s autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob hit rock bottom in 1990 shortly after the media release of a sex tape involving an underage girl. After successfully completing rehab, Lowe was able to put the pieces of his life back together, rekindle romance with his soulmate (whom he would later marry) Sheryl Berkoff, and rejuvenate his career.

Rob Lowe found success on the small screen in 1999 starring opposite Martin Sheen in the dramatic series The West Wing, but it was a couple of small roles in big screen comedies, such as Wayne’s World and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, that would showcase Lowe’s talent for humor. Eventually, Lowe would go on to co-star in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation alongside Amy Poehler and ride sharks in campy “Shark Week” advertisements for the Discovery Channel. More recently, Rob Lowe was the face of a series of goofy DirecTV ads in which a cool version known as “DirecTV Rob Lowe” compared himself to a lesser cool version known as “cable Rob Lowe.” Those ads have since been pulled off the air due to a legal issue between DirecTV and other satellite TV servicers.

Rob Lowe wanted to make sure his sobriety story wasn’t just a testimony of his own success, but that it brought hope to others who may be struggling with addiction. In another tweet, Lowe reached out.

While fans celebrated with Rob on his sobriety, sending out response tweets in support, many were also enthusiastic about Lowe’s return to primetime TV. The Fox network released a trailer today for Lowe’s upcoming comedy series, set to make its debut this fall. The Grinder stars Rob Lowe as an actor from a prominent yet cancelled legal drama series who finds himself with nothing but time on his hands, and much to the dismay of his lawyer brother, played by none other than the Wonder Years’ Fred Savage, Lowe’s character decides to attempt to practice law for real.

Watch the trailer for Rob Lowe’s The Grinder here.

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[Image courtesy of Matt Cardy/Getty Images]