Kim Jong Un: North Korean Leader Ordered His Aunt Poisoned

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered his own aunt, Kim Kyong Hui, poisoned after she complained about the death of her husband, according to a defector from the reclusive nation.

The startling allegation stems from a North Korean defector identified only as Mr. Park, a pseudonym used to protect his family, according to CNN. One of the highest profile defectors ever to make it out of North Korea, Park has related a wealth of data about the ruling regime, which he faithfully served for decades. Chief among his allegations is the claim that Kim Jong-un ordered his aunt, a relative by blood, to be killed with poison.

"On May 5th or 6th of last year, Kim Jong Un ordered his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui to be killed," Park claimed. "Only his bodyguard unit, Unit 974, knew this -- now senior officials also know she was poisoned."

Park alleges that Kim Jong-un ordered the assassination due to his aunt's repeated complaints following the death of her husband, Jang Song Thaek. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Pyongyang accused Song Thaek of treason, alleging that he tried to overthrow the government, threatening Kim Jong-un's hold on power. Intelligence services believed that Jang was helping Kim consolidate power following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, two years prior.

Recently, South Korean intelligence services claimed that Kim Jong-un had ordered the deaths of 15 high ranking officials, amid reports that he had killed even more since he came to power, according to the Telegraph. North Korea's Park Yong Chol, the deputy director of the DPRK Institute for Research into National Reunification, flatly denied the allegation, calling it "malicious slander."

"Especially because they tried to link the alleged statement to the august name of our Supreme Leader Marshall Kim Jong Un," he said.

Kim Kyong Hui disappeared from public view in September of 2013, and since then, her fate has been the source of much debate. Conflicting theories have asserted that she either suffered serious health issues, was injured during surgery, or had taken her own life. Though CNN allows that much of what Park told them cannot be independently verified due to the secretive nature of North Korea, they describe him as an elite who has been "shaken" by Kim Jong-un's willingness to order the deaths of even his own family.

[Image via the Huffington Post]