‘TERA’ Now Available On Steam, Level Up Event Ongoing With Anniversary Celebration Offering Players A Free Mount

TERA, also sometimes known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is a transitioned free-to-play game with optional subscription. The MMO game originally released in 2012 and moved to the hybrid model in early 2014 with the TERA: Rising update. In December of 2014, TERA became TERA: Fate of Arun, expanding the level cap to 65 and adding a new continent for free. Last week, TERA finally launched on Steam with alongside a huge update that added the latest new class called the gunner.

All during the month of May, En Masse Entertainment, the developer and publisher of TERA, is holding an anniversary celebration for the game. Players have been privy to sales and events since the beginning of the month, and this week is no exception. In fact, a new two-week long chance to earn a free mount was announced today. Starting on May 12, players can hunt down BAMs for a chance to find one of four letters. Once the player finds enough letters to spell out TERA, he or she can activate the “A” letter to redeem a free dragon mount. This mount, called a Jadeheart, rejuvenates the player’s stamina while it is being ridden. This event ends on May 26.

Both players new to TERA and veterans alike can enjoy the current Level Up event, underway now. This event gives all characters double experience and provides level-up bonuses at crucial levels. There are even bonuses for reaching max level during the Level Up event. This event even applies to the new gunner class, making it a perfect time to play a new character.

A screenshot of TERA

Along the road to 65, TERA players will be mailed extra experience boots, PvE crystals, and even precious gems to sell to a vendor for gold. Players will need to move quickly, though. The Level Up event will conclude on June 2. Characters that reach the level cap of 65 will also earn a weapon skin or costume depending on the class that was leveled. Gunners will receive the Thetan Will Suit costume, Reapers will get the Slaughterthorns weapon skin, and all other classes will obtain a Visioncrafted weapon skin. Costume and weapon skins in TERA overwrite the appearance of armor and weapons equipped, letting players look a certain way while keeping their statistics intact.

Players can also log in to TERA now to receive the Beep Boop Bot Bundle for free. This bundle contains a free EX-TRM mount, a character slot, charms, campfires, and panaceas. The mount can only be claimed on one character and the character slot only adds one character slot to the server on which the character that claims it is currently on.

[Images via Steam]