Tom Brady Memes: Deflategate Suspension Sparks Social Media Frenzy [Photos]

Tom Brady has been suspended by the NFL for four regular season games in 2015 following his presumed involvement and/or knowledge in what the world now knows as "Deflategate." The New England Patriots' star quarterback has been handed down the punishment after officials concluded that he knew something about the deflating of footballs before (or during) the AFC East Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Patriots were also held accountable for the air being intentionally removed from game day footballs. The team was fined $1 million and lost two future draft picks (their first in 2016, and their fourth in 2017). The two equipment managers believed to be behind the "cheating" scandal have been suspended by the team "indefinitely."

Tom Brady has yet to release a statement following the NFL's decision to suspend him, but that has not stopped the internet from having an absolute field day with the news.

When the NFL announced their Deflategate findings last week, a number of memes were posted online. Sportige collected some of the very best ones, which you can see here.

Mark Heisler wrote a piece for Forbes where he called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's punishment "drastic." He believes that Brady should have been fined $100,000, and people should have just "moved on" from this mess. He even called the NFL "Looney Tunes."

Tom Brady plans to appeal his suspension. His manager has released a statement calling the punishment "ridiculous." Since there is no actual proof that Brady had anything to do with the deflation of footballs, there is a good chance that he will win his appeal.

Do you think the NFL was too hard on Brady? Do you think he will win his appeal?

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