Sofia Vergara’s New Reality Show ‘Vergaraland’ Coming To Snapchat This Summer

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara is venturing into reality television via Snapchat. While a transition to her current network, ABC’s, Dancing with the Stars might have been more understandable, Sofia’s taking this opportunity to keep her projects all in the family.

The show, Vergaraland, is set to debut this summer and is said to be written, developed, and directed by Sofia’s son, Manolo Gonzéalez Vergara. A six-episode run, Vergaraland is said to fit Snapchat‘s vertical video format and will be available exclusively on the app.

Sofia’s been showing up everywhere these days, so an appearance through Snapchat seems to complete the circle of the Sofia Vergara experience. Vergara’s made headlines in recent months as she battles it out with her ex, Nick Loeb, over their frozen embryos. And there has been much ado about her romance with fiancée Joe Manganiello.

Last weekend, Vergara’s new buddy comedy with Reese Witherspoon, Hot Pursuit, hit the big screen, finishing second for the weekend box office results. This came just days after Vergara received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A seasoned veteran of the ABC comedy Modern Family, Sofia Vergara will be gearing up for Season 7 of the Emmy Award winning show on the small screen this fall. It seems the small screen format of Snapchat was the only venue left for Vergara to conquer, and most likely she will.

Last fall, Forbes magazine revealed Vergara was the highest paid actress on television, making an estimated $37 million a year. In other words, “Sofia Vergara” very well may be Colombian for “financial success,” and that makes Hollywood producers very happy. While Vergara makes a cool $325,000 per episode of Modern Family, her salary for Vergaraland has not been revealed.

Vergaraland is said to be a “tongue-in-cheek” perspective of Sofia‘s Hollywood life. One thing that remains unclear is how exactly the showed will be accessed by U.S. Vergara fans. While international Snapchat users will be able to admire Vergara via the app’s Discover tab, U.S. users don’t yet have that ability. That could mean U.S. Snapchatters will have to rely on their friends, not Vergara, for laughs.

In the meantime, if you aren’t able to wait for Vergaraland to get a glimpse of the mother/son interaction of Sofia and Manolo, you can always catch them in the Head and Shoulders commercials together.

What do you think? Will you be tuning into Snapchat to watch Vergaraland?

[Image courtesy of Jason Merrit/Getty Images]