Would you like some urine with those coins?

While this might be a little repulsive it turns out the the man hasn’t broken any postal laws by doing this. Postal officials said that it is legal to send urine; or other bodily fluids, through the mail as long as they are packaged properly in a way that doesn’t allow for leaks or smells. Of course the package reached the courthouse mailroom without incident and it wasn’t until they open the package that they smelled the contents.

“That’s something I can’t wrap my mind around,” said Sgt. Phil Anderchuk, of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. “The thought process of acting consciously — consummating the act of urinating in a box full of coins that someone is going to receive.”

Source: KPTV.com – Fox12

Me – I’m looking to find some bleach to scrub out this horrendous mental image.