‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Makes A Mother’s Day Call That Is Sure Rival All Others

Stephen Amell, philanthropist, Oliver Queen, Arrow, Al-Sahim, the man of many names also does many things. Amell, known for his role on CW’s DC Comics adaptation Arrow, is also known for his charity work. F#$# Cancer and Sinceriously T-shirt campaign, which benefits Stand for the Silent and Paws & Stripes, to name a couple of them. Besides his charitable work, he is also well-known for being one of the most approachable stars in the TV, as the Arrow actor tends to speak to all of his fans on Facebook.

However, as the Inquisitr reported in March, he sometimes reaches out to his fans in special ways. Stephen Amell recorded a video birthday message because he could not be there in person as requested, as the Arrow. According to Comicbook, he may have just outdone himself.

Comicbook Writer Brandon Davis found himself at the Wizard World convention and was in line to get a meet, greet, and photo-op with Stephen Amell. However, one fan that was near and dear to Davis’ heart was not in attendance, his mother. Unlike some mothers, his was a huge Arrow fan, but a regression into illness kept her from being at the event.

“Recently, Michele was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Seven years ago, she beat the same disease through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. Unfortunately, she has to undergo similar treatment for the next few months but in the mean time, she occupies herself outside of work by watching Arrow, Flash, and any comic book television series or movie she can get her hands on.”

So, like any good son, Davis found a way to make his mother’s day for Mother’s Day. He managed to find Amell with just enough time to send his mother a Happy Mother’s Day wish that is sure to rival all others she has ever received.

Amell, Davis, and Michele got on a FaceTime call where he revealed that a friend really wanted to “say hello” to her. It took Davis’ mother Michele a few minutes to set up the call, and his Arrow fan mother was shocked to see who her son’s mystery friend was. To say she was overwhelmed by Amell’s call would be an understatement.

The Arrow star reassured her about the cancer she was facing for a second time by saying “be strong,” and mentioning that his own mother beat cancer twice. Stephen Amell told her that she “had good kids who were looking out for her,” and again reassured her by saying “One day at a time.” The video can be found on Davis’ YouTube, and a funding page to support his mother is also up.

Entertainment Weekly reported in April that Stephen Amell connected with another Arrow fan and shared pictures of her Arrow themed prom dress.

In a day and age when role models are sorely missing from sports and other formerly respectable places, its good to see people like Arrow star Stephen Amell can help fill the void.

[Image Via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons]