Tourists Chased By Black Bears At Yellowstone — Spring Is ‘Their Time Of Year’

Wherever they go, tourists tend to be pushy and irrational when it comes to snapping photos. Recently in Yellowstone, however, a group of them almost got trampled by black bears for their trouble.

The video is a frightening reminder that nature and wildlife are not to be trifled with. And though the creatures are usually quite shy around people, these shutterbugs happened to tick off a mama bear at the wrong time.

According to USA Today, they surrounded three 13-month-old cubs on a bridge. That’s when their mother appeared — scared enough for her babies that she charged after the group, KABC reported.

They may have gotten cool photos for their Yellowstone scrapbook, but the tourists were in danger, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Communication and Education Program Manager Bob Gibson advised.

“The most dangerous place is between a mom and her cubs.”

Everyone quickly ran away as Park Ranger John Kerr screamed “Keep going! Go! Go!” in the background of the video, NBC News added. No one was injured.

Also lucky — the youngsters weren’t newborns. If they were, their mother would’ve been much more aggressive. Though terrifying, this interaction was mild, Gibson said, according to the Washington Post.

And the tourists may have been breaking Yellowstone’s rules regarding black bears. Humans are supposed to stay 100 yards away from the animals, a necessary precaution given how many visitors come to the park every year.

The fact that travelers often visit in spring isn’t exactly safe either, said animal expert Jack Hanna.

“(Black) bears, they wake up with warmer weather. They’re thirsty and hungry, and they come out. This is their time of year … It’s a beautiful animal we can all enjoy. It’s their home. Treat them with respect, that’s all.”

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]