New ‘GTA V’ Mod Turns Los Santos Into Atlantis

GTA V Tsunami mod hits Los Santos

GTA V modders are at it again, it seems. From shooting cars out of a gun, to enhancing the graphics in Grand Theft Auto V, and even dropping whales onto innocent NPCs, now PC GTA V players can explore Los Santos – Atlantis style.

A new mod has flooded the world in GTA V after a massive tsunami hits San Andreas. Most of the map is submerged, thanks to the tsunami, making it so GTA V players will need to start investing more in speedboats than cars to navigate the map now. The work-in-progress mod as posted on GTAGamer22’s YouTube channel, and it shows Franklin (and many other not-so fortunate NPCs) navigating the newly formed waterways of GTA V’s Los Santos. The water is so high in some areas that only the tallest buildings can be seen sticking out of the top of the water.

This isn’t the first time an underwater mod was created, however. Kotaku reported on an underwater GTA V mod created using a modified PS3 previously. As the title of that article suggests, this mod completely changes how you play GTA V. No longer are you racing down the streets of Los Santos in the fastest car you can afford/steal, instead you are now forced to make your way through GTA V’s map hoping to eventually get a boat or even a submarine in order to fully get around.

The mod developers aren’t content with simply sinking GTA V’s Los Santos. On the mod’s official page on GTA5-Mods, the Tsunami mod is also experimenting with higher, more intense waves in game. These waves are experimental so far, but if they can get them to work as intended it could give the player a much more immersive tsunami “collapse of GTA V” world as possible.

Anyone interested in trying out the Tsunami mod use caution. It is still a work in progress and could potentially screw up the install. As with all mods, GTA V included, make sure to make back-ups of any file that need to be overwrite so you can go back and fix your game if need be.

GTA V players need not worry about being banned for using mods, so long as they keep them offline as well. Rockstar cleared that up after many reports came out that players could be banned for using single-player GTA V mods.

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[Image via GTA5-Mods]