Kristin Cavallari Pregnant With Third Child: Fans Are Hoping For A Girl

Kristin Cavallari may be known from being on Laguna Beach and The Hills, but Cavallari made headlines when she was competing on Dancing with the Stars, as she had broken up with Jay Cutler just weeks after getting engaged. The two worked things out and had two children. This year, Cavallari’s biggest concern was her body. According to the Inquisitr, Kristin Cavallari believed that she was too skinny earlier this year, but she will have to stay healthy for the next nine months for the sake of her family.

According to a new TMZ report, Kristin Cavallari is expecting another child. This morning, Cavallari announced to her fans on social media that she was expecting her third child. But she didn’t say whether she was expecting a boy or a girl. Based on her followers’ comments, her fans are hoping that she will have a little girl.

“We’re at it again! Thrilled to announce baby number 3 is on the way! The Cutler crew keeps growing,” Kristin revealed on social media this morning, teasing that she and Jay Cutler are busy growing their family.

Cavallari gave birth to her second son just last May and her first-born son adores being a big brother. But the dynamic will be interesting with a third child. Kristin loves being a mother, and she thinks the time is flying by too fast.

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

“It flies by so quickly,” Kristin Cavallari has revealed about having young children, adding, “It kind of makes me sad. But they’re both at such fun ages now. They’re able to start playing together a little bit now that Jax is 1. It’s really nice. I feel like we’re in a really good place. They’re both great kids. They’re just a lot of fun. So we’re really lucky.”

Camden is apparently a good big brother to little Jax, but there isn’t a big excitement to share the toys. Apparently, Camden knows what is his and he doesn’t enjoy it when Jax takes his stuff. And Kristin only thinks this is hilarious.

“He’s very protective and very sweet, But he also gets a little upset when Jax tries to take his toys and messes with his stuff,” Cavallari said, revealing, “He gets a little territorial with some stuff, so it’s kind of funny.”

The interesting part is that Kristin told US Weekly that her hands were full with two children. The interview was released yesterday and this morning, Cavallari announced that she was expecting her third child. If she has reached 12 weeks, she was keeping a big secret during the interview. Maybe Kristin was hoping they wouldn’t ask her about having a third child.

What do you think Kristin Cavallari is having?

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