‘Star Wars’ Selfie: Australian Man Takes First Selfie, Earns The Label Of A ‘Creep’

An Australian man decided he would join the era of selfies on May 6, taking a selfie with a Darth Vader sign in a local Target store. However, his innocent Star Wars selfie quickly earned him the label of a “creep” by a mother who was shopping at the same store.

The mother believed that the man was taking pictures of her children and snapped a photo of him as he made his way out of the grocery store. She later posted it to Facebook where she proceeded to publicly shame him.

“OK people, take a look at this creep!” she wrote alongside the photo, according to the Daily Mail.

“Today at Knox he approached my children when they were sitting at the frozen movie in the children’s clothing section, he said ‘hey kids’ they looked up and he took a photo, then he said I’m sending this to a 16 yr old,” the post continued. “I immediately removed the kids from that area and took them to security at the front so I then followed them and took his picture and he took off. Centre management were straight onto and so are the police, hopefully he is caught. Police said if he is a registered sex offender he will be charged, this happened at Knox, be careful with your kids.”

In all reality, the father of three, who spoke to the publication with the condition of anonymity, was really only taking a picture with the Darth Vader “May the 4th Be With You” sign to send to his own children.

“I’m a father of three kids and a normal human being… I’ve never taken a selfie before,” he said.

“As I was walking out of Target I saw a very large Darth Vader cut out for taking photographs – it said ‘May the 4th be with you’ – and I’ve got three children and they love all that Comic-Con, Supernova, science fiction stuff,” he explained. “I said “I’ll only be a second, I’m taking a selfie to send to my kids.”

“I was in two minds whether to take the selfie, but I thought it’ll be a good daggy dad joke,” he added. “In real terms it was embarrassing enough to be standing in front of Darth Vader to be honest.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, after the mother’s post had been shared 20,000 times, the man admits that he was considering his legal options, noting that he had even received death threats.

“We’re a very strong, community-minded family and we’ve never had any issue with any form of impropriety and all of a sudden my name is smeared,” he said. “I would like people to understand the perils of social media, especially unreliable and uncorroborated information.”

[Image via Facebook/Daily Mail]