Howard Stern Show: Jimmy Kimmel Discusses Peeing His Pants And Howard’s Appearance On David Letterman’s Final Monday Night Show

Jimmy Kimmel sat in on the Howard Stern Show Monday morning, joining Howard, Robin, Fred, and Baba Booey for a fascinating and insightful morning, including Jimmy describing how he peed himself following a recent dinner, Handzi calling in to ask for a writing job on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy telling Benjy’s ex-girlfriend, Elisa, that she had no talent, and, perhaps most importantly, chatting about Howard’s Monday night appearance on the David Letterman Show.

According to Howard Stern Show website, Jimmy Kimmel is one of Howard’s few close celebrity friends, and friends in general, the two elite talk show hosts even vacationing together with their wives.

Kimmel, along with his charming sense of humor, was in New York, where the Howard Stern Show is broadcast on SiriusXM satellite radio, to attend the network TV “up-fronts,” and on Monday, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host hung out with Howard, Robin, and the crew for the whole show.

Among the many interesting tangents taken, and tales told, Kimmel shared with Howard and Robin that he peed his pants over the weekend after dinner when he was unable to get his pants undone in time during a desperate visit to the restroom. Jimmy would later realize that even his shoelaces got wet.

This led Jimmy Kimmel down memory lane, where he related to Howard and Robin that he’d once pooped his pants, as well.

The incident took place at a very public Hollywood amusement venue, Kimmel again being unable to get his white pants undone in a timely fashion during a critical time. Fortunately for Kimmel, he only soiled his underpants and was able to go on with his show, although his white pants were all but see-through, which caused additional embarrassment for Kimmel.

Along with defending Howard Stern Show member, Benjy, by telling Benjy’s ex-girlfriend, Elisa, that she had treated Benjy horribly and had no talent, Jimmy Kimmel also played a game called “This or That” based on the recorded answers of Kimmel’s favorite Howard Stern wack pack member, Eric the Actor, who unfortunately passed away last year.

But in the end, it was Howard Stern’s Monday night upcoming appearance on David Letterman’s show that remained top of conversation, Letterman conducting his final shows this week before retiring.

Howard complained that it was hard to know exactly what to do when talking with Letterman, Kimmel saying that no matter what happens, if Stern’s appearance goes well, he won’t care, and if he bombs, Stern will be miserable.

Regardless, Howard Stern will kick off David Letterman’s last week of shows, along with Don Rickles, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Letterman’s other final celebrity guests include Bill Clinton, Oprah, and George Clooney.

Stern and Kimmel also speculated about Jay Leno making a surprise appearance before the Letterman Show goes dark, an idea that neither Howard nor Jimmy Kimmel embraced.

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