Mirada Claims ‘Broken NDA’ On ‘Fallout 4’ Story, All But Confirming The Game

Fallout 4 Confirmed via NDA Leak

Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported on a leak concerning the highly anticipated video game Fallout 4 that is rumored to be in the works. In the leak, it was reported that a visual artist lists working on the Fallout 4 trailer for Mirada studios recently.

While at the moment this is still unconfirmed, apparently one entity in this story isn’t happy.

The leak was also reported on gaming news site, Destructoid. However, apparently Mirada took issue with the Fallout 4 story being run and sent an email telling the site to pull the Fallout 4 piece down. Here is the quote from the update, via Destructoid

Update: We received an email from Mirada Studios demanding we pull this story. A representative cited inaccuracies, but also confirmed the story was breaking a non-disclosure agreement. As nobody at Destructoid signed an NDA, we’re assuming that confirms somebody else broke NDA. I wonder who might be in trouble.

Destructoid has no obligation to a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) they didn’t sign, and while the email claims the story has “inaccuracies,” not detailing them doesn’t constitute pulling a piece from the site. Laura Kate, Destructoid’s UK Editor put it best on Twitter.

By claiming the story broke the NDA, Mirada is essentially confirming the story as true. No word “officially” from Bethesda as to the accuracy of the reports, but it’s doubtful that a firm like Guillermo Del Toro’s would make such a demand otherwise. Also, it’s interesting to see Mirada Studios claiming that the story broke the NDA when the source of the Fallout 4 report was a LinkedIn listing. That would be the breach on the NDA, not the report itself.

Fallout 4 had been rumored before, and Bethesda’s upcoming E3 showcase seems to be the perfect place to “officially” unveil the title. Also rumored to be at the E3 showcase alongside Fallout 4 is BattleCry, Dishonored 2 and likely the previously announced Doom.

The smarter thing for Mirada to do would’ve been to just let the stories ride. With only one month until the Fallout 4 would-be announced, Mirada could claim simply deny the report and move on. Instead, but demanding that a news site pull the story, claiming a broken NDA, Mirada studios might have just done more damage to what they were trying to clear up in the first place.

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[Images via Fallout 3]