Dwight Howard Instagram Video: Tells ‘Don’t Cry’ Fan To ‘Come Out Here!’ [Video]

Come out here

Apparently, Dwight Howard had a rough game. And this fan named S. Sami didn’t make it any better by yelling, “Don’t cry!” to Howard in a mocking way. Sami’s Instagram video of Dwight repeatedly telling Sami to “Come out here,” has now gone viral. The Instagram description is even more intriguing, and the whole post is racking up likes and comments.

“Dwight Howard threatening me.”

Alas, as reported by the Inquisitr, Dwight has made the news in the past over past allegations of abuse and has been buzzed about for years because of his relationship with ex, Royce Reed, of Basketball Wives fame.

This latest video of Howard responding to his heckling fan has traveled from SB Nation to NBC Sports and beyond. Nevertheless, Dwight was pretty calm in his interaction with the fan despite his rough game. Howard was pulled away from the interaction before it could escalate.

During the game, the ball player wouldn’t let Blake Griffin dunk on him, and he shoved Blake down. Matt Barnes ended up calling Dwight a word that’s also a moniker for a female dog. In spite of the fact that Matt has been fined $50,000 — he still used the rhymes with “witch” word to describe Howard, experts believe.

Meanwhile, Howard’s friendship with DeAndre Jordan is on hold until after the summer is over and the playoffs are done. Howard likely has enough on his mind after his horrendous Game 4 play that included Dwight being ejected after only scoring seven points in the game and getting six rebounds.

Such a rough exterior for the basketball player seems an unlikely persona for a Finding Nemo fan, reports CBS Sports, but that’s exactly who Howard is. Dwight might claim a cache of guns and 20 serpents, but he’s also a Houston Rockets player that loves that animated fare.

Dwight is a happy Houston man who wants a championship ring. Advice from legendary ball player and workout buddy Hakeem Olajuwon included recommendations to limit his fouls. After his knee injury, Howard was ready to play more minutes and eager for the increased workout routines, but likely didn’t expect his latest game to go so badly.

Nor did Howard likely expect to be heckled by a fan in an Instagram video that has now gone viral online.

“He was inviting you to go on the court… Nice guy.”

Fans are responding to the Instagram video with plenty of quips.

[Image via Instagram]