Evil Hath Not Returned to PlayStation 4: Rumors Of ‘MediEvil’ Comeback Made-up

PlayStation 4 will not be seeing the resurrection of a classic as rumors of the legendary PlayStation game, MediEvil, were put to an end after they made quite a buzz on the web.

Three days ago, reports started pouring in that MediEvil might be getting a reboot for the PlayStation 4 console. Lazy Gamerhighlighted the impact this news could have to loyal PlayStation users since MediEvil was one of the classic games from way back in the PlayStation One era—a throwback to the black-backed PlayStation One CDs packed with game demos.

Rumors Of 'MediEvil' Comeback Made-up

Arcade Sushi reported that the MediEvil return to PlayStation 4 leak started with twitter user BLUE_EYES, who posted photos late last week of MediEvil with new generation console graphics. Even though the photos looked like they were camera phone shots of a PlayStation game played on the television, game critics from all over the internet were saying there is a possibility that the rumor is solid. However, everyone treads on grounds like these with the utmost care. Who could forget the Rayman DLC leak for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS?

The photos and a short video of Sir Daniel Fortesque posted by BLUE_EYES on his twitter account were very believable, and PlayStation fans really got excited about it for a while. One post about the MediEvil coming to PlayStation 4 rumor by BLUE_EYES translates to "I think E3 will return an old friend." Below are his tweets, and the photos supporting the claim.

Arcade Sushi was actually one of the many sources who tried to believe the rumor. According to their report, members of the NeoGAF forums identified BLUE_EYES as the person behind the Shadow of the Colossus leak years ago—and his leak turned out to be true. As E3 approaches, this could be a big hit for Sony's PlayStation 4 and Guerilla Cambridge, a studio whose sister studio first developed MediEvil.

However, PlayStation Lifestyle has finally put a finish to the hullabaloo caused by the PlayStation 4-slash-MediEvil rumors by revealing the leak is a fake. The video that supported the rumor MediEvil was making a comeback in PlayStation 4 was actually a really good fan-made project using the Unreal Engine 4.


A lot of people, especially those at the NeoGAF forums, had their hopes up, but BLUE_EYES confirms in his tweet that the show is over. MediEvil is not returning to PlayStation—not yet, anyway.

PlayStation fans are still hoping for classic returns such as MediEvil. It's been 15 years since the PlayStation game first launched for PlayStation One, and Sony would really make gamers happy by rebooting at MediEvil at E3 2015.

[Images via PlayStation and Arcade Sushi]