Arkansas Vet Operates On Dog After It Decides To Eat 23 Rounds Of Live Ammunition

An Arkansas veterinarian saved the life of a dog that decided to eat 23 rounds of live ammunition.

Benno, the 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, took the phrase “bite the bullet” to the extreme when he decided to eat 23 rounds of live ammunition. The dog underwent emergency surgery last week to remove the live ammunition —.308 caliber rifle bullets — from his stomach, The Baxter Bulletin reported.

Benno’s owner, Larry Brassfield, said his dog has a penchant for eating oddities, including such items as socks, magnets, and marbles, but never dreamed his pup would munch down on bullets that were left in a bag beside Brassfield’s bed.

“He’s never messed with ammo before. I just left them in a bag by the bed.”

Brassfield said he and his wife realized his dog ate the live ammunition after Benno vomited up four rounds.

“So Wednesday morning I woke up early and my wife said Benno had thrown up. She said there was ammo in the vomit. I looked at the round and I thought oh my God, he got into the ammo.”

According to the newspaper, Benno’s All Creatures Animal Hospital vet, Sarah Sexton, removed 17 rounds from Benno’s stomach, but didn’t want to touch two that were lodged in his esophagus. Sexton surmised the two live bullets would be expelled on their own.

Sexton said she has seen a lot of things in her veterinary career, but this one is the most unique, according to a report by the Associated Press.

“This is something they certainly did not cover in school. I’ve had dogs eat things before, mostly stuffed toys. Once I had one swallow a hearing aid, but I think this takes the cake.”

Needless to say, Brassfield said he will no longer leave live ammunition lying around, however, he doesn’t think this is Benno’s last foray into exotic munchies.

“You can baby-proof a house,” Brassfield said. “But I don’t think it’s possible to Benno-proof a house. Lord knows, we’ve tried and failed.”

What do you think of Benno’s decision to eat live ammunition?

[Photo by Josh Dooley/The Baxter Bulletin]