Tornadoes In Van Texas: Multiple Fatalities Reported, 10 Reported Missing

The latest news about an outbreak of tornadoes in Van, Texas is grim. According to a live CNN news report, multiple fatalities are feared in the town. Officials in the area say at least 10 people are missing. The situation remains fluid.

A third of the tiny town with a population of about 2,600 was hit by twisters that barreled through the area on Mother’s Day. Aerial footage showed large swaths of Van that took the brunt of the storms. Townsfolk and rescue workers scurried about demolished buildings and homes in search of people and pets possibly trapped.

According to the Inquisitr, at least two people in Arkansas were killed by the same storm system that spawned tornadoes in Van, Texas. Howard County Emergency Management coordinator Sonny Raulerson said a trailer park was hit in Nashville. A tornado warning was issued.

CNN’s Chad Meyers said he believes the Van tornado was an EF-3 storm. However, officials have yet to determine it from site data. He believes the hardest hit area as about a quarter-mile long, and struck about 60 miles east of Dallas. According to the National Weather Service, more rainfall is forecast for the area. This could complicate rescue and recovery efforts.

Van Zandt County Fire Marshal Chuck Allen said that at least 10 people are still unaccounted for. However, he stopped short of confirming any loss of life at this time. A news conference on the devastation from the tornadoes in Van is expected in the late morning to early afternoon hours.