Robert Herjavec Stays Silent: Did He Spend Weekend With Kym Johnson?

Robert Herjavec may have made millions from his internet securities business, but he has become a star from his appearances on Shark Tank and the Canadian television show, Dragon’s Den. Dragon’s Den started years before Shark Tank, even though it is the exact same concept. Even Kevin O’Leary – also known as Mr. Wonderful – is part of Dragon’s Den. Kevin and Robert have actually become close friends over the years from filming these business shows, which is why Kevin was in the audience to cheer him on on Dancing with the Stars.

Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec may still be thinking about his elimination this week, as tonight’s dancing show will be the first where he is not dancing. Surely, Herjavec will be missing his dance partner Kym Johnson, who he is rumored to have feelings for. But maybe this romance is far from over.

According to a new tweet, Robert Herjavec is very motivated to live the life he wants, and this morning, he shared some interesting messages to his fans. And one motivating tweet came after the weekend he was rumored to be hanging out with Kym.

“It isn’t what you do – but how you do it – #MotivationMonday John Wooden,” Robert Herjavec revealed on Twitter this morning, hinting that he was back at work.

Of course, Herjavec loves what he does for a living, but one can imagine that he would prefer to be dancing tonight. After his Dancing with the Stars elimination, Robert decided to speak out about his emotional goodbye.

“I’m disappointed because I was at week eight, I only had two more weeks to get to the final,” Robert Herjavec has revealed about his elimination on Dancing with the Stars, adding, “But I understand it. It was a great experience and I have nothing but great things to say about the show.”

But many are wondering if Herjavec and Johnson will continue their relationship. Even though Robert has been downplaying his feelings, the two may have been together over the weekend. Kym posted a picture on social media, clearly showing that she wasn’t alone. Some of her followers hinted that Robert had nice feet.

“We’re really good friends. We spent a lot of time together and we’re certainly going to stay in touch…” Robert Herjavec has said according to the Inquisitr, adding, “One of the great things about doing the show was getting to meet Kim. You find out pretty quickly if you’re going to click with somebody or not.”

Do you think Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson hung out this weekend?

[Image via Instagram]