Dr. Oz Admits ‘Big Mistake’: Hyping Weight Loss Supplements Was ‘Big Mistake,’ But Says It’s ‘Not A Medical Press Show’

Dr. Oz admitted a “big mistake” in all of the hype he put into weight loss supplements on his show.

As MSN recaps, Dr. Oz told Fox and Friends Monday morning that he wished he had never pumped up the dramatic effect of weight loss supplements.

“I wish I’d never used the laudatory terms for I used for weight loss supplements. That was the big mistake I think we acknowledge. I stopped doing that long time ago, over a year ago.”

This comes at a time when Dr. Oz has been under intense media scrutiny for his medical advice on weight loss tips. The most recent scrutiny came from Columbia University when doctors there wanted him removed as a faculty member, citing the famous TV doctor as being a “quack” in the medical profession.

“I do toggle back and forth between hard core medicine, which I do believe we do a very good job getting it right… but, I like to look around the corner. What other ideas might be helpful? The show is about prevention and wellness. It’s not a medical press show. My job is to take America and elevate the conversation.”

As Mediate reminds readers, it was just last year that Dr. Oz was defending his position in the medical profession in Washington, D.C. He was faced with hard-hitting questions about his contribution to society’s well-being when it came to weight loss, and what America can do to make it more attainable.

Dr. Oz admits it was a “big mistake” to hype up supplements for the betterment of losing weight, but he doesn’t feel his words were all wrong. He adds on Fox and Friends that the “hijacking” by marketers of his endorsement of their products hasn’t helped his position.

“I never wanted my messages to be hijacked by marketers on the web that are stealing my name and likeness and trying to sell you products. I realize there’s a lot of fraud in the products themselves…and the research behind it was often fraudulent. But I think in general we get it right.”

Dr. Oz has largely remained quiet, avoiding the criticism that’s been placed upon him for his promotion of certain supplements to enhance weight loss. He has always ended his shows with disclaimers that just because his face and name is on various supplements, that doesn’t mean he’s endorsing them. He urges viewers to visit his website to get the truth about his medical advice.

With all of the doctors blasting his advice on television, Dr. Oz’s “big mistake” will undoubtedly be seen as some kind of victory in their favor.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Clear Channel]