’24’ Renewal: Fox Bringing Show Back, What’s Known So Far?

There’s good news out for fans of Fox’s 24, as the show will be back for another round. When the limited-run return aired last summer, fans embraced it wholeheartedly and it finished in a way that definitely left the door open for more. However, Fox held off on doing anything more regarding a renewal or cancellation and things weren’t necessarily looking good.

As Zap2It shares, Fox has now revealed that another run of 24 is being put together. Beyond that news, though, little is known. The news was announced during a 2015 Fox Upfronts media call, and the network indicated that it’s still quite early in the process.

As much as fans would love specifics, it seems that little is nailed down at the moment. Will Kiefer Sutherland return? Even that much isn’t known yet, and early indications from the actor seemingly pointed to him feeling that he was truly done with the character of Jack Bauer. However, many suspect that he could be lured back with the right storyline.

The last that viewers saw in 24: Live Another Day, Audrey had been killed, Heller’s health was deteriorating and Jack saved Chloe’s life as he headed off to a Russian prison. While everything ended in a way that provided closure for viewers, it was also done in a way that left plenty more story to tell should the network decide to bring it back. Many fans have been clamoring for more, and now it seems they’ll get it in some fashion.

It may well be that a return of 24 could be done without Bauer, with a focus on others on the canvas. As Zap2It notes, the DVD release features Tony Almeida angling to get out of solitary confinement. There are tidbits revealed about his gaining intel on engineering an escape, and it could be this path that Fox pursues in bringing the show back.

TVLine adds that there is “nothing immediate” ahead regarding a 24 run. Indications are that the network is actively moving ahead, but the network is nowhere near pinning down a premiere date, casting or storyline details.

When will the show return? What will the storyline arc be and who will be appearing on-screen? Fans will have to wait patiently a bit longer for those specifics, but it seems that people are excited and interested in what little has been revealed so far.

Most would say there are a number of directions the show could head in another season, even if it is without Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. Will you be tuning in to another season of 24 whenever it returns?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]