Rostaver Township: Tri-County Plaza Shooting Suspect Remains At Large

tri-county mall rostraver township

Rostaver Township Tri-County Plaza shooting update – The Westmoreland County police are still searching the area for the gunman after a man allegedly named Drew Molinari, was shot dead at Minniti Motorsports in the Tri-County Plaza. Although the Rostaver Township law enforcement officials have not yet released the victim’s name, he was identified on social media by a man who identified himself as Molinari’s brother.

“The only description we have right now is wearing a dark hoodie, possibly a blue hoodie, up over the side of his face,” Rostraver Township Police Chief Gregory Resetar told the media when detailing what the police currently know about the suspected Tri-County Plaza shooting suspect. “The individual walks into the establishment and just fired more than one round, struck and killed the victim.”

Unconfirmed reports about the Rostaver Township shooting indicate that a second individual was injured at the Tri-County Plaza. The second mall shooting alleged victim was supposedly transported to a local hosptial for treatment.

Rostaver Township police have established road blocks as part of their attempts to find and arrest the Tri-County Plaza shooter. The motive in the shooting at the Pennsylvania mall remains unknown.

Tri-County Plaza in Rostraver, Pennsylvania is the site of an active shooting. According to breaking news reports, the Pennsylvania mall in Rostraver Township is located approximately 25 miles south of Pittsburgh. Police are still searching for the suspect.

The Tri-County Plaza suspected gunman is reportedly wearing a blue hoodie. Local WTAE News is reporting that one Pennsylvania mall shooting victim has been found. The breaking news report also indicates that the unidentified person has died.

Rostraver Township law enforcement officers responded to the mall shooting after shots were fired at an auto body shop at the Tri-County Plaza.

Check back with the Inquisitr for more details about the Tri-County Plaza shooting, as additional details about the breaking news story become available.