‘Star Wars’ Deleted Scenes Show Luke & Biggs Friendship In ‘A New Hope’ [Video]

There were so many Star Wars deleted scenes for A New Hope that George Lucas could have made a whole other movie with them.

Every director has to delete scenes when they’re in the editing room deciding how the movie will look in the end, and some take out more than others. Case in point; Star Wars creator, George Lucas, who it seems took out so much from the first movie that he could have made an entire new trilogy just from Episode IV.

Remember Biggs Darklighter (Garrick Hagon), Luke Skywalker’s childhood friend from Tatooine? The one he runs into as the rebel pilots are preparing to head out to attack the Death Star? Well, there was a whole background to their friendship on their home planet that never made it on screen and viewers never knew about. Until now.

'Star Wars' deleted scenes Luke and Biggs
'Star Wars' deleted scenes Luke and Biggs (Image via Lucasfilm)

An article from Esquire magazine reveals the story of the Star Wars deleted scenes. When George Lucas was filming A New Hope, he was struggling and not really thinking he would get to do a sequel, much less two trilogies.

Lucas crammed a lot of footage while filming on location, including the back story of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and his good friend, Biggs Darklighter on their home planet, Tatooine. When Luke and Biggs find themselves fighting for the same cause, the audience has the feeling that this is a lasting friendship, but what they don’t realize is that there had been more footage shot between the two that never made it on screen.

In the documentary Blast It Biggs, Where Are You?, Jamie Benning — the creator of three full-length Star Wars “making of” documentaries — discovered those lost Biggs scenes. For the short film, he interviewed Hagon on his experience, which included filming in Tunisia, the location used for the planet Tatooine.

'Star Wars' deleted scenes hanger
'Star Wars' deleted scenes: Luke and Biggs meet in the hanger (Image via Lucasfilm)

Luke and Biggs have several Star Wars deleted scenes which show how they struggled to leave their home planet and joined the much-talked-about rebellion against Emperor Palpatine. Despite the fact that Hagon’s other scenes never made the final cut, and he ends up getting killed in the battle, that short, heart-warming encounter wouldn’t have been so natural if not for the many hours spent building the friendship for their characters.

As with anything that has to do with Star Wars, deleted scenes are one of the fans’ favorite things to dissect, and these particular outtakes will bring us all the way back to where it all started and give us a closer look at the friendship between Luke and Biggs.

[Image via Lucasfilm]